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Community Chest 2 - MAP06: Water Treatment
by Skunkboy Kyle
Doom 2, single player
in progress, Boom
screenshot #1screenshot #2screenshot #3


Emergening from the stinking filthy sewers, the player shall find themseleves in UAC's sewage center, where the monsters have taken up shop for their own dastardly deeds. So what are they doing here? You're just going to have to play the map to find out. Definatly having a few nice traps in it, the final level will contain lots of cool detail such as a window to the outside that features a river and UAC logo in the ground, a huge processing plant, a labratory, and a trick or trap or two waiting for you. I also plan on putting in some new textures and such, and since this map will most likely be done before the begining of March, expect the next few months following till October being spent on adding off the wall detailing! I plan on pushing all Boom compatible engines to their limits! Expect to see this map in Community Chest 2, October 2004!

VolteFace writes:02.01.2004, 07:23 GMT+1

This looks quite good!

deathz0r writes:02.01.2004, 12:44 GMT+1

This totally reeks in quality.

Kid Airbag writes:02.01.2004, 12:53 GMT+1

Looks interesting. But what are those black things around that concrete slab in the first screenie?

Ralphis writes:02.01.2004, 12:58 GMT+1

While I look at the second screenshot, I think I've already predicted some of your cool features. It seems that if I were to go over those crates, I could go from that window to the outside where a river and UAC logo in the ground, a huge processing plant, a labratory, and a trick or trap may be waiting for me. Looks fun, can't wait to play!

Skunkboy Kyle writes:02.01.2004, 13:15 GMT+1

Kid: They're supposed to be chairs. They would be sprites, but this isn't ZDoom. I've improved their look and the look of the marble table, so it doesn't seem like they're taller than the marine.

zarkyb writes:02.01.2004, 14:35 GMT+1

Hmm... Second screen looks OK, as does the third, but I'm really not keen on the first one. I think it's a bit corny to have chairs and tables and stuff in Doom... it just isn't right, in my opinion. The detail in the second shot is nice though.

Hirogen2 writes:02.01.2004, 19:54 GMT+1

So, despite the screenshots looking like taken in 320x200 and scaled up, I'd say what Skunk told me over IRC, I imagined otherwise ;-)
My recommendations: make some more crates (probably as cramped as Doom E2M2, to hide the fact that it is a ...faux door)

Nmn writes:03.01.2004, 22:23 GMT+1

Man, what is with screenshot #1?! Is this some kind of a conference room? Sorry but that looks strange, ugly and TOTALLY non-doomish... at least for me :D BTW I would detail it a bit more.

NoPoet writes:03.01.2004, 22:31 GMT+1

It doesn't set my pulse racing unfortunately. I expect I will remember your map for its gameplay rather than its appearance.

Skunkboy Kyle writes:04.01.2004, 19:29 GMT+1

Yeah, can I remind everyone this is Wads In Progress? Few of these wads are finished and these areas have all been heavily updated. In fact I've just started detailing the bridge in the main processing area of the plant but unfortunly due to not being able to show that off on here, none of you get to see it till October. Please stop instantly judging everyones map before it's finished. Otherwise we can just judge Doom 3 on the alpha leak.

Nmn writes:04.01.2004, 20:07 GMT+1

Hey pal. I don't JUDGE maps. I'm not a reviewer. I give a little bit FEEDBACK on the maps. If You post screenshots and something doesn't look good the people here tell You that it would look better if You would do xxx (detail it, remove). I suggest that people Don't submit pale rooms that will be detailed, but those already finished rooms! Otherwise People can say that "it's not finished". I wanna give You constructive criticism, but I can't say anything good about an empty room that is still in working. I judge what I see and I don't know wether it's finished or not, but I presume it's done, since the author shows it in public. OK? Yes, I was a bit harsh on those chairs, but they don't look good. Remove them, or make them much more detailed :) Just don't go calling me names like some other person ;)

NoPoet writes:05.01.2004, 15:37 GMT+1

I'm getting fed up of being flamed for posting my opinions of a map, Skunkboy. That idiot Deathz0r is at it, now don't you start too. We are not trying to tear your work to shreds. We are not telling you to give up working on the map. We are advising you that it currently seems a trifle dull. All you need to do is liven it up a bit with some interesting architecture, some lighting effects, etc. If you don't want our advice then fine. Don't post on Wads in Progress.

Skunkboy Kyle writes:06.01.2004, 01:20 GMT+1

Okay, I think the owners need to get to work on WIP 's images then so we can change them. That way you can know what has already been fixed and what hasn't.

The Ultimate DooMer writes:07.01.2004, 02:12 GMT+1

Comments like deathz0r's shouldn't be posted here (this site is for feedback, not flames) and I also believe that posts saying that the stuff in the screenie(s) look(s) bad should at least say why. (as then the mapper has something to go on)


You could improve the chairs by adding arms to them (only takes a couple of sectors more), maybe use the blue tech textures to make them look comfier if you like. A bit more detail in the grey part of screenie 2 is needed, I recommend putting something in the wall opposite the door and maybe a flashing light or something on the ceiling.

Skunkboy Kyle writes:07.01.2004, 04:54 GMT+1

Wow, thanks! Yeah, I never thought of arm rests, thanks! And the opposite wall is no good, because the textures don't line up correctly, so I made the wall BROWNGRN like the rest of it so everything would match up. (There is a grate below it.) I'll think of something. And the light is a good idea, I might do something with that idea. Maybe the central hallway, it needs more work than it has right now.

deathz0r writes:07.01.2004, 04:56 GMT+1

"Comments like deathz0r's shouldn't be posted here (this site is for feedback, not flames) and I also believe that posts saying that the stuff in the screenie(s) look(s) bad should at least say why. (as then the mapper has something to go on)"

I guess you haven't read all of NoPoet's comments, then.

NoPoet writes:14.01.2004, 03:08 GMT+1

Deathz0r, perhaps he HAS read all my comments, and doesn't share your belief (and it seems to be your belief alone my friend) that all i do is troll. Come on, "this map totally reeks in quality" ? And you accuse ME of wanting to hurt peoples' feelings? Grow up for God's sake.

NoPoet writes:19.01.2004, 00:55 GMT+1

Skunkboy, any progress updates on your map?
Deathz0r, I want to shock the world by inviting you to write a review for my website, Pray for Death. Any map, any port, any when.

Orpheus writes:19.01.2004, 01:42 GMT+1

First things first. Deathz0r is a good old doomer, not a newbie lamer like Skunkboy Kyle, I suggest You show some respect, Nopoet. Nopoet-first You start bashin everyone's work, now You're going to praise everyone's work? You tell us to grow up, You keep on arguing endlessly. This analysis makes me think You're a kid-newbie-lamer. If You want to convince me You're not, go ahead, make me believe. Now, Deathz0r, don't worry about it. WIP has been poluted with lamers, but now it settled down and pheeew, that's a relief. Newbies posting up they're first one-room made maps. Oh God, isn't there a cure or something for lamers? You keep on arguing and I know You will, go ahead, on the other hand, if You have the guts, shut your mouth and get off spaming WIP. Huh?

NoPoet writes:23.01.2004, 16:33 GMT+1

Did anyone else understand a word of what Orpheus just said?

Orpheus writes:24.01.2004, 00:15 GMT+1

Actually maybe it seemed a bit confusing :P For yer small brain I give ya a summary-shut Your mouth, or give constructive criticism. Keep on arguing and being a monkey and stay a lamer, or go back to yer page and keep on reviewing wads, instead of "reviewing" in progress ones. That's all. Still don't understand? tough luck.

Nmn writes:08.02.2004, 02:13 GMT+1

Orpheus I don't agree with You. Sorry, but Nopoet is very true with his reviews and it seems that people simply found a guy who they could bash (after all true, yet a bit harsh reviews :) and everyone follows. People, get off Nopoet! I loved the way You smasehd mock2. For sakes, who would ever want to make such a thing? Mapper's were really bored!
BTW: Deathz0r is the one that's dumb. For criticising GothicDm and it's sequel I wish a You cybie's rocket in yer face!

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