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Community Chest 2 Map 29
by boris
new comments Doom 2, single player
in progress, Boom
screenshot #1screenshot #2screenshot #3


This is my contribution to the Community Chest 2. I'm going for a tech base/hellish theme mix. I'm sure it will turn out good the way I do it :)

I've already implemented some nice use of voodoo dolls to make some simple "scripting". But I won't give away too much of it now, then it won't be a surprise anymore :D


The new shot 3 shows a part the area I'm currently working on. Those fans are actually rotating :)


CC2 has been released.

Final level stats:
* 12581 vertices
* 14481 linedefs
* 25906 sidedefs
* 1763 sectors

Mancubus II writes:(new) 12.04.2004, 21:13 GMT+1


No not really. Looks very nice man. I like the feeling of expansiveness in shot 1. The detail in shot 2 is great as well.

Jow writes:(new) 12.04.2004, 21:38 GMT+1

Looks pretty cool. Those ceiling lights are cool in shot 2.

Nmn writes:(new) 12.04.2004, 22:11 GMT+1

I like Your style Boris. Judging by the shots another great Doom experience, but there is something making it stand out... Very nice architecture and texturing.

EarthQuake writes:(new) 13.04.2004, 01:22 GMT+1

wowsers... Boris, I want to marry you.
Those windows in #1, the lights in #2... omg, I just can't decide what I like best!

Lutrov71 writes:(new) 13.04.2004, 02:11 GMT+1

Make sure this is hard Boris. Looks great!

geedougg writes:(new) 13.04.2004, 04:05 GMT+1

This level's lookin' good, Boris. Keep up the good work. I really like the detail.

Sphagne writes:(new) 13.04.2004, 04:56 GMT+1

Hey, the first pic, shows off the double window trick, /me likes it a lot.

MasterOfPuppets writes:(new) 13.04.2004, 05:06 GMT+1

wow, looks great! although i'm not sure what is going on in screenshot 3, but it still looks quite interesting.

SargeBaldy writes:(new) 13.04.2004, 06:15 GMT+1

Looks really good, but a bit too copy-and-paste for my taste in the second shot.

Doom_Dude writes:(new) 13.04.2004, 06:26 GMT+1

That looks great Boris, especially the 1st shot.

Chris Hansen writes:(new) 13.04.2004, 14:00 GMT+1

Very nice texturing! I really like the looks of #2, mostly because the colorscheme seems so fine-tuned and balanced. And perhaps most importantly: There's plenty of room for an epic battle! ;)

Personal request to you boris: Could you please e-mail me at chr-nygaard[at]hansen[dot]mail[dot]dk ...thanx.

boris writes:(new) 13.04.2004, 18:44 GMT+1

Thank Doom Builder for the texturing in shot 2. It's 3D mode makes it really easy to try out different texture themes.

ellmo writes:(new) 15.04.2004, 08:28 GMT+1

Heh, magic windows there in shot#1... Gonna have to learn how to do 'em (never tried).

Otherwise, looks like a a beggining of a really huge map, and hard one. great architecture...

Nmn writes:(new) 15.04.2004, 13:35 GMT+1

Ellmo, no kidding.. http://www.doomworld.com/tutorials/fx3.shtml

boris writes:(new) 15.04.2004, 16:52 GMT+1

It's file size is already huge: 415kb. The three shots are from the only 3 rooms I've made until now :P

Other stats:
*2966 vertices
*3249 linedefs
*5807 sidedefs
*272 sectors

I guess that will be my biggest map ever.

The Ultimate DooMer writes:(new) 17.04.2004, 00:57 GMT+1

Nice. Bit of a clash of styles (unless it's been built into the map's theme), but nice. Screenie 1 reminds me of CC1's map 29 a bit, too.

BTW, can we now update screenies on here? (as I'm close to putting my map up. Which has the fastest growing sector count ever - nearly up to 900 in just a few hours over two days. And I'm just getting started...)

boris writes:(new) 17.04.2004, 01:08 GMT+1
edited 18.04.2004, 16:51 GMT+1

Yes, updating the shots has been possible for quite some time now.

BlackFish writes:(new) 02.05.2004, 01:36 GMT+1

nice. I really like this. :D

MasterOfPuppets writes:(new) 02.05.2004, 03:10 GMT+1

the fan blades rotate!?! in BOOM!? wtf, thats awesome!

Jow writes:(new) 02.05.2004, 03:43 GMT+1

Those rotating fans are really cool!

CodeImp writes:(new) 02.05.2004, 04:50 GMT+1

Who said they rotate? Maybe theyre fuckin stucked. Maybe boris never bothered to turn them on to rotate. :p
Looks nice boris! I wonder how you did the windows above the ceilings in the first screenshot.

Dittohead writes:(new) 02.05.2004, 08:14 GMT+1

Oh god... awesome.

Mancubus II writes:(new) 02.05.2004, 09:35 GMT+1

The fans DO indeed rotate and it really adds to the atmosphere. This map is gonna be great.

Lutrov71 writes:(new) 03.05.2004, 08:47 GMT+1

It's amazing how much of a good job Boris has done synchronizing the ceiling textures and getting them to be alligned. Well done Boris. This is fantastic.

danman writes:(new) 04.05.2004, 08:32 GMT+1

Wasn't there another shot a while back with those same lights in #2? Did it switch names?

boris writes:(new) 04.05.2004, 12:37 GMT+1
edited 21.05.2004, 09:53 GMT+1

zarkyb's map had similiar light (you can't see them on the current shots in zarkyb's map).

ellmo writes:(new) 04.05.2004, 21:48 GMT+1

Those ceiling Fans in shot#3 drive me crazy!

The Ultimate DooMer writes:(new) 07.05.2004, 22:13 GMT+1

Heh, I'm not the only one using ceiling fans...

AJ555 writes:(new) 13.02.2005, 01:21 GMT+1

Boris [Off this map topic] are duke nukem 3d maps welcome here?

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