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Community Chest 2 Map 14 - Shadow Of Evil
by Mephisto
Doom 2, single player
in progress, Boom
screenshot #1screenshot #2screenshot #3


I have done so much more stuff in this level so I though I should post new screenshots. Boris: You can delete the old ones.
Anyway, this map is about 70% progress and it's in a wooden-metal theme, with many lighting effects. Challenge will be good, I will try to make the gameplay as good as possible. Any comments would be appreciated.

ragnew writes:11.02.2004, 04:48 GMT+1

The map is looking really, really good... It looks like it'll be quite a level when its finished...

Great Job Mephisto!!!

MasterOfPuppets writes:11.02.2004, 07:21 GMT+1

nice work. gloomy and dark, how very Doomish!

chopkinsca writes:11.02.2004, 14:36 GMT+1

ooo, nice.

Why does everyone's map always look better than mine? :(

Converted Doomer writes:11.02.2004, 22:57 GMT+1

Wow, look at all those lighting sectors, and those shapes too. Has a good, gritty Doom2 Map-26 feel to it. Just the right size too.

Mephisto writes:15.02.2004, 15:13 GMT+1

Map finsihed now :)

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