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Everybody on this page should be happy, so there are some things to obey. These rules are subject to change and will be enhanced as we stumble on problems.

General hints

  • Passwords are stored in a md5 hash. There's no way to get your password out of that hash, so don't lose it (the password ;)
  • Levels have to be approved by an admin before they show up. As long as they are marked red only you and the admins can see them, so it's pretty useles to tell other people to look at it in this stage

Rules for posting WADs
  • WADs have to be approved by an admin before they show up, so don't even think about posting crap (porn, goatse...). It's only two clicks for an admin to remove a WAD
  • You have to provide at least one screen shot, but I highly encourage you to use all three possible slots. The more others can see of your level the better
  • Screen shots have to have a resolution of 640x400 or 640x480 and can be in GIF, JPG or PNG, the thumbnails will be generated automatically. I don't recomment to use JPG since re-saving a JPG as JPG will severely hurt the quality
  • The "description" field of your entry doesn't allow HTML, so don't try to use it
  • Don't build one room/part of one room and then submit it. You should have at least some parts of the map done
  • Don't push your entry. If you don't know what I'm talking about, good, else don't do it! Don't make useless updates!
  • Don't submit already released maps, it's called WADs In Progress on purpose. I don't want to have the whole /idgames here. Of course that includes submitting a entry and then updating it as "released" after it's been approved
  • Don't post single maps of your already submitted megawad (i.e. not post your whole project, then map01 of it, then map02...). If the maps are from different people (like FreeDoom, Community Chest etc.) it's ok to post single maps though
  • If you update your WAD you don't have to re-upload all screenshots. Leaving a shot slot blank will not touch the already existing shot
  • If you uploaded your finished WAD to /idgames, I highly recomment to point your download URL to Doomworld's /idgames database.

Rules for posting comments
  • Don't bash other people's work! It won't be tolerated
  • Don't spam! For example nobody cares that the poster of the shots uses the same crosshair as you do
  • Make constructive criticism only
  • Before you say something bad about a map, try to say something good about it first
  • Don't post crap, it's even less work for admins to remove crap comments than crap WAD submissions
  • The comments box doesn't allow HTML, so don't try to use it
  • You can use BBCode in the comments. The following codes are supported: [b], [i], [u], [s], [o], [url], [color]

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