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E1M1 - Hangar
by chubz
new comments Doom, single player
in progress, doom(2).exe
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An E1M1 "remake" just for kicks. I'm not aiming for anything overly-elaborate or to win a "Map of the Year" award or anything like that.

I just want to take the design of E1M1 and throw in some new areas and ideas. Don't be afraid to criticize/give suggestions!

chubz writes:(new) 11.07.2007, 18:18 GMT+1
edited 11.07.2007, 18:21 GMT+1

Hey guys, here are screenshots from the latest build. I've made a few changes.

This is the room you start in .. as you can see, you have crashed through the ceiling in order to make entry.

A more "satanic" version of the original 3rd screenshot. (Let me know if you like this change.)

My version of the "computer room" through the first door.

Hope you guys like what you see.

Doomdude90 writes:(new) 12.07.2007, 01:00 GMT+1

I love remakes

chubz writes:(new) 12.07.2007, 03:04 GMT+1

Thanks for the comment DoomDude. Oh well, at least one person is interested! :)

DoctorSatan writes:(new) 12.07.2007, 14:04 GMT+1

Looks pretty cool so far. I'm always interested in remakes.

Dutch Devil writes:(new) 12.07.2007, 16:29 GMT+1

I like to call them tribute maps :p and its seems these kind of maps only have an small group of fans me thinks.

chubz writes:(new) 12.07.2007, 17:03 GMT+1

Yeah I think you're right, Dutch Devil. I've noticed that a few people really dislike such maps because you're using someone else's idea instead of starting from scratch with your own. That's why I'm trying to stay true to E1M1 while changing several things around so that it's not the same map but does have a similar style.

Doomguy93 writes:(new) 11.12.2008, 09:30 GMT+1

I really like remakes, it's some sort of hard to make map from scratch, but this map is so attractive :]. I like screenshot #1

Jacob writes:(new) 18.06.2016, 05:24 GMT+1

Thanks, chubz! Your YouTube channel has taught me a lot about how to use Doom Builder.

I think it's cool to re-conceptualize older maps... especially the originals. It's fun to see how other folks imagine it should have looked and felt vs. how the developers originally did. Personally, I take issue with some of the abstract implementations of Doom E1 but I can still acknowledge when and where I think it works. Building on a martian moon base, for example, might leave even a human-design military complex a bit toplogically skewed, but there are some things that humans just wouldn't do because it would be anti-intuitive. This is a double-edged sword, and un/fortunately, it can work both ways and create a more interesting experience and/or some really weird crap.

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