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Doom Incarnate
by Aristocrat
new comments Doom, single player
released, Limit removing
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Adding to the list of Doom remakes, I present this- Doom Incarnate.
It is for Ultimate doom, limit removing port.

It is sorta unique in the fact that it combines E1m1 and E1M2 into one level, and adds some extra bits too.

LEVEL COMPLETE! Will be in the archives soon.

chubz writes:(new) 08.07.2007, 18:34 GMT+1

Looks very cool .. I like the "oldschool" style. Definitely my type of map. Can't wait to see more!

Lupinx_ressurected writes:(new) 11.07.2007, 02:46 GMT+1

Looks good, except I think the third shot is a little too empty..I assume you will chock that room full of baddies?

Aristocrat writes:(new) 11.07.2007, 21:12 GMT+1

Havent added any monsters yet. That room will have quite a few zombies.

Dancso writes:(new) 13.07.2007, 16:17 GMT+1

Nice, and original style. :)

Reinchard writes:(new) 27.07.2007, 02:59 GMT+1

Very nice! Screen 1 and 3 looks like map from DooM Alphas. Cool atmosphere.

Use3d writes:(new) 18.08.2007, 23:23 GMT+1


Memfis writes:(new) 26.08.2007, 05:45 GMT+1

Looks like true classic wad!

Aristocrat writes:(new) 04.09.2007, 01:36 GMT+1

Wad is finished


Kinda has a bug with the secrets, but will soon be uploaded to archives with that problem fixed.

Reinchard writes:(new) 08.09.2007, 08:18 GMT+1

I play it. Very cool and very clssic. Gameplay like in oryginal DooM! But there is a missing texture on the lift in first secret.

Aristocrat writes:(new) 08.09.2007, 19:00 GMT+1

Yeah, use this link instead=

thug555666 writes:(new) 19.09.2007, 16:15 GMT+1

very fun level
your a good mapper

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