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TBP *code title*
by hnsolo77
new comments Doom 2, single player
in progress, ZDoom
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this is a precursor to a different Wad I'm making. this is basically a level to help me learn map better, so it gets hopefully better the more i work on it.

what this level is going to be is a tier setup, you access the rooms in each tier through a teleporter hub. you only go through one room per tier, with tier 5 having a key in each room that determines what room you visit in the final tier. essentially this level will have replay value

so far i have 4 full tiers and i have 2 rooms of the 5th tier.

my beta tester has so far told me that all the challenges are great and he can't wait for my next beta release. that tells me I'm at least doing something right.

Dancso writes:(new) 28.01.2007, 12:40 GMT+1

looks good. it has a nice classical doom look. ;)

Dutch Devil writes:(new) 28.01.2007, 13:16 GMT+1

Looks nice so far but what the heck is "tier"

Ixnatifual writes:(new) 28.01.2007, 16:36 GMT+1
edited 28.01.2007, 16:37 GMT+1

A tier is kinda like a step on a ladder or pyramid. Like a level in a level set, or a stage in a series of stages.

hnsolo77 writes:(new) 29.01.2007, 14:56 GMT+1

i have a demo available to everyone else other than my Beta Testers here


thug555666 writes:(new) 18.09.2007, 19:07 GMT+1

ill test it
looks kickin

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