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Just Kill It!
by The Denscombe Bros.
new comments Doom 2, single player
in progress, Limit removing
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KILL_IT!.WAD was a multilevel WAD started well over 10 years ago but never finished! It is now back in progress. The screenshots are of the main Earth level which has been unfinished for a long time! I originally gave up on it as I kept getting Hall of Mirrors effects - these don't seem a problem on modern Doom ports.

The intention is to do a number of varied levels, on Earth, Space and Alien.

BigSt3ve writes:(new) 20.01.2007, 00:55 GMT+1

nice when it coming out????

Ixnatifual writes:(new) 20.01.2007, 18:16 GMT+1

Looks interesting, though in the second shot that brown wall looks kinda odd as it's so thin. The 3rd shot looks creepy :)

gourhaus writes:(new) 22.01.2007, 01:21 GMT+1


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