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Dione Attack: Part 1
by Impboy
new comments Doom 2, single player
released, doom(2).exe
screenshot #1screenshot #2screenshot #3


A base set on one of the moons of Saturn. This is just a start of a 10 level wad.

Update: Map01 done, Map02 is in progress.

Update: Screenshots updated to look at the WIP Map02.

Update: Map01 and Map02 are done. Title is changed to: Dione Attack

Update: Maps 01-03 are done now, new screenies!

Update: Maps 01-05 are finaly finished! I also want to split the maps 50/50, meaning dionep1.wad and dionep2.wad each with 5 maps.

Update: One final take of screenies. Enjoy!


Duke Nume writes:(new) 21.11.2006, 13:37 GMT+1


Impboy writes:(new) 21.11.2006, 13:48 GMT+1

Heh, looks kinda cool dosen't it?

Duke Nume writes:(new) 22.11.2006, 07:26 GMT+1

it's interesant wad, gr8!

Impboy writes:(new) 22.11.2006, 09:23 GMT+1

thanks, Ive been improving lately :P

Nuke em writes:(new) 23.11.2006, 01:53 GMT+1

I'd like to beta test it, if you'd like. If you want me too, I'll post my e-mail address and you can send it to me.

Impboy writes:(new) 23.11.2006, 15:52 GMT+1

ok Map01 is done, gunna get started on Map02 then

and Nuke you can be my beta tester ;)

Apocsoft writes:(new) 23.11.2006, 19:28 GMT+1

I like the look of this, the 1st shot looks very cool.

Impboy writes:(new) 24.11.2006, 08:54 GMT+1

ya it looks kinda neat with the nukage fountain in the center :)

Nuke em writes:(new) 24.11.2006, 12:02 GMT+1
edited 17.12.2006, 14:17 GMT+1

Awsome, thanks.

Searon486 writes:(new) 26.11.2006, 12:08 GMT+1

Looks pretty cool. I like that fountain.

soft_haxorz writes:(new) 27.11.2006, 14:54 GMT+1

Nice looking screenshots.

Impboy writes:(new) 15.12.2006, 14:03 GMT+1

Thanks guys

Impboy writes:(new) 22.12.2006, 12:39 GMT+1

sry for double post, but any more ideas for map02?

Moti writes:(new) 22.12.2006, 16:31 GMT+1


The screenies look very good, I like shot 1. And for the idea - If your'e looking for a totally new idea, finish map02 but in the same theme, and make the new idea for map03.

Impboy writes:(new) 22.12.2006, 17:10 GMT+1

Actually my friend Eviladam3 is doing map03. His is the same theme but diffrent textures

Ixnatifual writes:(new) 05.02.2007, 10:55 GMT+1

Looks cool. Shot 1 doesn't look like it's as detailed as #2 and #3, though.

Impboy writes:(new) 05.02.2007, 14:09 GMT+1

Ixnatifual said:
Looks cool. Shot 1 doesn't look like it's as detailed as #2 and #3, though.

It might look less detailed, but once its released, take a look around while your playing. ;)

Dutch Devil writes:(new) 05.02.2007, 16:03 GMT+1

The map itself looks great but I don't know about those textures ah well maybe its just my personal taste talking now.It just gives me the feeling doom monsters are dropped into an map for an different game, I'm sure alot of people can dig those textures though.

Impboy writes:(new) 05.02.2007, 19:54 GMT+1

Thanks dutch, and about the textures, these 10 levels are gunna be dark base style.

CoolD00d writes:(new) 07.02.2007, 15:19 GMT+1


Impboy writes:(new) 07.02.2007, 18:30 GMT+1

CoolD00d said:


Airslide writes:(new) 07.02.2007, 19:44 GMT+1

He's speachless is all...lol

Impboy writes:(new) 25.06.2007, 19:16 GMT+1

Well, what do you think now?

ThoughtWolf writes:(new) 26.06.2007, 02:45 GMT+1

It looks pretty cool like an urban zombie kinda thing. Like some1 wakes up in a desolate nuked land with buildinggs and lots of mutated people and monsters. Awsomesauce!

UnmannedWarhead writes:(new) 30.06.2007, 10:03 GMT+1
edited 30.06.2007, 10:03 GMT+1

Wow when you will be finished with this wad can you add a link please? It looks great

gourhaus writes:(new) 08.12.2007, 04:20 GMT+1

yay its done
finally an oldskool doom wad

ToTo writes:(new) 08.12.2011, 19:55 GMT+1

good MAP 04

DOOMman writes:(new) 26.06.2013, 12:53 GMT+1
edited 26.06.2013, 14:37 GMT+1

Hi Impboy! You have 2 problems in dionep1.wad level 05. Sector tag 70, and sector 118 not working, becouse you are forgot to put sector tag number in linedef 220 and linedef 590. Put sector tag number 3 for linedef 590, and put sector tag 5 for linedef 220, and level 05 will be complete. :) Good levels... keep working for more diversity and dinamics in design and structure.

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