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Noob Project 3: Out in the cold
by Lupinx_ressurected
new comments Doom 2, single player
released, ZDoom
screenshot #1screenshot #2screenshot #3


And the quest for the BFG continues... You managed to survive the Author's pet cybie in the last wad you will seek revenge later, This time it appears that Gamarra has gotten to the BFG before you could... you have tracked him down to this mountanous region in the north. He seems to be testing his new weapon on the poor denizens of this base, hopefully they wont notice you sneeking in through the back... Hunt down Gamarra and retrieve the BFG! (Before Massmouth does... oops did I spoil the ending?)

esselfortium writes:(new) 18.11.2006, 18:04 GMT+1

Is this the same Gamarra we all know and love from the epic Gamarra's Story series of wads?

Lupinx_ressurected writes:(new) 18.11.2006, 22:19 GMT+1

Yes the very same, in my series you will meet famous wad characters like Gamarra, Massmouth, and even ZanZan (But he won't be 3d).

Ixnatifual writes:(new) 18.12.2006, 03:20 GMT+1

Shot 1 and 3 look great, shot 2 seems to be quite low on detail compared to the other screens.

Doomdude90 writes:(new) 24.12.2006, 07:27 GMT+1

Downloading now...

KelWratrifs writes:(new) 21.06.2017, 14:38 GMT+1

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