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Awakened Evil (1)
by nightmare93
new comments Doom 2, single player
released, Skull Tag
screenshot #1screenshot #2screenshot #3


Well, this is my second wad, im trying to make it as long as i can and making up some ideas for lighting and detail to it. If you have any ideas, please let me know ok.

Finished (the pics are not the same as the level itself cause i modified the level. i mean textures anyway.)

Dutch Devil writes:(new) 23.07.2006, 08:25 GMT+1

Screen 1 best screen imo the gstone texture can be improved by lowering the sector by 1 or 2 units.
Now its cut off in such an weird place.
Screen 2 needs some aligning at the marble texture the skulls at the top are cut in half making it look wrong.
Screen 3 needs aligning at the windows and imo the marbgray doesn't tile very well on large surfaces and it could do with some more detail.
Maybe change the shape as well cause it looks so blocky.

Overall pretty good your seem to have improved your mapping skills alot first two screens are sweet.

nightmare93 writes:(new) 23.07.2006, 12:29 GMT+1
edited 23.07.2006, 12:30 GMT+1

ok........... i dont see what you mean bout screen 1, screen 2 dose need alignment come to think of it i guess its good that u spoted that, hehehe.
But what part do you mean? The blood platform or the skylight?

Screen 3 i can't really do anything about without redoing that area. I could redo the window but i think its fine were it is. But yeah im gona have to find a way to aligne. As in detail you mean bodies and and blood and stuff right. still need ideas for detail. The shape in screen 3 right? or in the whole level? Its supposed to be like an alie way or something like that but yea i will figure something out. Im trying to make the marbgray as more of an outside texture and it dose sort of look good in there but on the other hand it dose look a little off hand, so i guess i will change it to a more simple marble texture.

Anyway thank you for your review and the help ;)

Dutch Devil writes:(new) 23.07.2006, 13:26 GMT+1

Screen 1 the sector with the gstone textures needs to be lowered just a few units the bricks are cut off in an weird place.
Lower it so that its about the height of that black line thats running between the bricks.
Kinda diffcult for me to give an better explanation but I hope you know what I mean.

Screen 2 the skylight I mean you can see the cut in half skulls near the sky looks wrong imo.

Screen 3 Is that an area where the player can get into cause I was thinking to make it look more like an cave like in the first two shots.
Imo this area looks boring compared to the two previous shots.

Nmn writes:(new) 23.07.2006, 14:59 GMT+1

Pretty ok I say. Only for the love of all explosive things, upper unpeg the texture above the tunnel in shot 3, plz! Also, yous got my respect to keep on trying with this engine and not getting discouraged after your megawad attempt. Keep on mapping dude!

nightmare93 writes:(new) 23.07.2006, 15:35 GMT+1


Craigs writes:(new) 22.09.2006, 19:21 GMT+1
edited 22.09.2006, 19:28 GMT+1

It's a map. I really can't think of much else to say, except the lack of experience is easy to see. Misaligned textures, baren areas, and almost no detail. Plus, rather then using a 32x32 square for that column on the right in the first screenshot, try using a 24x24 square.

Tango writes:(new) 24.09.2006, 11:12 GMT+1

Better than I expected. You definitely have potential; keep it up.

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