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Onslaught DM 3
by hobomaster22
new comments Doom 2, deathmatch
released, Limit removing
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The third and final installment in the onslaught series. I would like it to be a megawad. Its already been in the making for a year, 15 maps. The wad has the same goal as onslaught 2, fast paced deathmatch maps with excellent gameplay preferable to 1on1's and 4 player ffa's; just now the standards are higher. And of course you have your classic death metal midis ;).

If anyone is interested in becoming part of the team, even just to make one little map, I will accept. Just leave a comment.

Updated, currently 20 maps. Edited a lot of maps to fix gameplay after thourough 1on1 testing, and now new pictures.

sitters writes:(new) 23.07.2006, 06:40 GMT+1

I like it.

Dutch Devil writes:(new) 23.07.2006, 08:13 GMT+1

This map looks fraggin awsome great looks and design.

Agent Spork writes:(new) 23.07.2006, 15:27 GMT+1


Tango writes:(new) 19.11.2006, 10:47 GMT+1


Searon486 writes:(new) 26.11.2006, 12:20 GMT+1

Wow. It looks sweet.

Kristus writes:(new) 26.01.2007, 20:49 GMT+1

Go for quality over quantity. Rather playtest the maps for 6 months, than work on more maps for 6 months and not playtest them enough.

hobomaster22 writes:(new) 26.01.2007, 22:01 GMT+1
edited 26.01.2007, 22:03 GMT+1

Kristus, maybe you missed the part where I've worked on this wad for over a year and a half. And it has been extensively been playtested by many doomers. I've taken into account the gameplay that happened and their suggestions and changed accordingly. Its not quality vs quantity. Its quality and quantity.

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