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The Island 2
by Farlowj
new comments Doom 2, single player
in progress, ZDoom
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This is a sequel to the original Island, I don't know how many of you played it, but this one is (I think) a lot better.

This map is fairly large, 3000+ sectors, 25,000+ sidedefs, 10,000+ linedefs.
I have one play tester right now (Did you get it yet, Kirby?), and I will need a couple more soon. I have to send by email and the zip file is about 4.5 megs. Any comments will be appreciated.

Kristus writes:(new) 16.05.2005, 14:23 GMT+1

Yeah I played the first Island map a few times. It was quite nice.

Will you be using the terrain generator for this one?

Paul writes:(new) 16.05.2005, 19:18 GMT+1

The first one was great and this is looking really nice. Looking forward. I'd recomend adding a bit of haze and rain to spice atmosphere (or just rain).

Farlowj writes:(new) 16.05.2005, 23:11 GMT+1

Yeah, there is rain, you just can't see it very well on the screenshots. I didn't use the terrain generator (wish I had, would have beene easier, BUT, grubber made the utility based off the thread I made in Zdoom.org, yeah.. go me) It also runs MUCH better than the original. My FPS only drops to 20 at minimum at 1024x768. (Athlon 2400+, 768 MB PC2100 RAM). Should be released in 1 to 2 weeks.

Nuxius writes:(new) 17.05.2005, 00:54 GMT+1

Really enjoyed the first one, definitely looking forward to this one.

I have no doubt that the outside areas will look great, hopefully your interior areas will live up to them this time (not that they were bad in the first one, just kind of 'meh' feeling after roaming through all the outside stuff.)

Ninja_of_DooM writes:(new) 18.05.2005, 21:27 GMT+1

I liked what I played of the original.(I only played for about 10 minutes before it crashed my comp) Looking forward to this one, especially if it runs better.:p

Farlowj writes:(new) 06.06.2005, 17:20 GMT+1

It's in newstuff.

Doomdude90 writes:(new) 02.09.2005, 09:06 GMT+1

The Island and the island 2 keep restarting my computer when I start moving.Help!

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