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The Experiment
by evilhomerdoomer
new comments Doom 2, single player
released, Skull Tag
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A single level for Skulltag mainly for singleplayer. Contins a new story which is the sequel to Doom2. I will probably use skulltage forever now :) so other projects will either be converted or cancelled. I'll probably resume them after this level. Look for it after the weekend or so.

This level will use the new monsters and weapons that skulltag offers (thats why I chose it over ZDoom you see) and will have 4 player co-op support. I won't be testing this though. If someone wants to though, your welcome;). All three screens are of the first room. The red column thing is where a shotgun was. You run to the shotgun, the crusher activates and zombies come from some now opened rooms.

Particle fountains will be featured (you can see a few in the screens).

I might consider adding powerups from Skulltag for some extra flavour. More detail is to be expected, I've only been working on it for 45 mins! Best get back to it...

A question, how do you implement slopes in your maps? Some help would be cool!

30/4/05 90% done in 2/3 of aday. Thats progress! New Screen 1. Latest version of skulltag required.

1/5/05 I've finished the level. Haven't uploaded yet. If you want it now, just tell me. If you want a sequel just tell me. PLEASE send feedback as it is what will keep my projects going. Happy skulltaging!

Dark_Shadow2004 writes:(new) 29.04.2005, 21:08 GMT+1

Here is a URL for a site that iam learning from...it has a lot of information for things you are looking for....


Check it out :)

but as a quick answer...it is line type 181...then go to the box for Floor and Cieling and enter a 1 in the argument box...but still read teh info on that webpage and you'll see what i am talking about.

dethtoll writes:(new) 29.04.2005, 22:27 GMT+1

seems a bit plain.

evilhomerdoomer writes:(new) 30.04.2005, 04:01 GMT+1
edited 30.04.2005, 10:02 GMT+1

Yeah, it is at the moment, but it will be getting more detail.

Thanks Dark!

joe2 writes:(new) 12.05.2005, 21:20 GMT+1

so when is this mod downloadable

evilhomerdoomer writes:(new) 14.05.2005, 09:18 GMT+1

It may not be downloadble actually. It's not up to par with what I'm making now. If you do want it though, just say and I'll email it to you.

joe2 writes:(new) 16.05.2005, 05:28 GMT+1

HAy evilhomerdoomer

can you E-mail me your SkullTAg singleplayer mod

my E-mail is fsa_grunt@hotmail.com

evilhomerdoomer writes:(new) 16.05.2005, 10:52 GMT+1

Ok, warning you though, it is very bad cosidering how long it takes for me to map levels now. This is old for me. My other, better, skulltag level is also released. It's appropriatley called "Total Darkness."

Check your email.

bonez writes:(new) 14.03.2009, 23:59 GMT+1

where is the link?

evilhomerdoomer writes:(new) 06.05.2009, 12:12 GMT+1

heh, been awhile.

The map has long been gone from my hard drive. It's for the better really, it was just a series of rectangles and squares connected together.

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