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Decapitation FFA
by Mephisto
new comments Doom 2, deathmatch
in progress, Skull Tag
screenshot #1screenshot #2screenshot #3


Yet another Decapitaion series wad! This is basically like the first one, but with much larger maps for 8+ players fun. 9 maps this time, 3 are done as seen on the screenshots. Comments appreciated as always.

MasterOFDeath writes:(new) 16.01.2005, 05:16 GMT+1

Looking great. To be honest, I probaly won't be playing it much if its meant for 8+ players, but I will still download it for a review. ;)

Screenshot 1 looks like an interesting fight. Those arches in screenshot 2 look like they will get in the way and just be annoying though, I would remove them. Screenshot 3 looks like it should flow and play very well.

Agent Spork writes:(new) 19.01.2005, 08:11 GMT+1

Hooray for FFA!

PlzDieKthx writes:(new) 19.01.2005, 20:28 GMT+1

agentspork do something for ctf so it can fall into obscurity like forgotten temple!

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