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by Caligari_87
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released, ZDoom
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THIS MOD HAS BEEN RELEASED/UPLOADED TO IDGAMES. No further work will be done, unfortunetely. You should be able to get the WAD from there soon enough.

RealCombat is an attempt to simulate an actual combat situation in the ZDoom engine. The idea is a derivitive of marines.wad, the US Army training aid created for Vanilla Doom. See the Version6Details.txt in the released version for a list of features.

boris writes:(new) 04.01.2005, 20:43 GMT+1

You're not required to put up a screenshot just for fun.

Caligari_87 writes:(new) 05.01.2005, 21:58 GMT+1

I didn't have any with me, and it said I needed at least one screenshot. Did I misunderstand or just click the wrong button? Anyway, shots updated.

shaviro writes:(new) 05.01.2005, 21:59 GMT+1

Yeah. The screenshots have to be of the actual mod.
Taken care of.

Nmn writes:(new) 05.01.2005, 22:48 GMT+1

Those soldier sprites are horrid, but the Halo-Rips (despite are Rips) don't look half bad.

wadaholic writes:(new) 09.01.2005, 12:34 GMT+1

I have to hand it to ya mate, those Halo rips look way better than the ones I did for my Halo weapons mod I made.

joe2 writes:(new) 15.01.2005, 05:16 GMT+1

so this will have singleplayer in it right

and when will the full verion be out

Caligari_87 writes:(new) 24.01.2005, 19:13 GMT+1

The map seems to only work in SP right now, but I'm getting co-op to work. Slowly. Thanks for the good word about the Weapon Rips. I try my hardest! :)

There is no real release date; I'm just working and releasing betas every few weeks or so until I make it to v1.0 Hopefully not too long.


Dark_Shadow2004 writes:(new) 25.01.2005, 20:53 GMT+1

is that night vision in shot 3? if so good idea for changing teh light color the light amp goggles gives ya.

Caligari_87 writes:(new) 26.01.2005, 19:31 GMT+1

#2 and #3 are the same shot, #3 with the NightVison feature. I like it better than the flashlight I had before.


Dark_Shadow2004 writes:(new) 27.01.2005, 08:29 GMT+1

yeah night vision is better than a flashlight, adds to the "military feel". but like Nmn said, the soilder sprites are a little..umm...sub-par. (not trying to offend) Do you plan on aquiring new ones or are they a perminent addition?

Caligari_87 writes:(new) 01.02.2005, 16:24 GMT+1

Well, I've disabled them for now (replaced with translated player sprites). I wish I had some really good soldier graphics though...

Don't worry about offending me about the sprites. They're not mine.

Dark_Shadow2004 writes:(new) 01.02.2005, 16:40 GMT+1

well you could look for some of the Edge wads that made new sprites..like Twilight and i think it was called Covert OPS...of course you will ahve to ask permission from the authors...but the sprites were far better than the ones you are currently using. :)

cyberdemon writes:(new) 06.01.2006, 21:07 GMT+1

Sooooo... when are you making more levels?

Caligari_87 writes:(new) 10.07.2006, 16:12 GMT+1

Never, sorry. I just uploaded the most recent version to idGames, so it should be in the next Doomworld /newstuff review. Thanks for the interest, though.

Nmn writes:(new) 17.07.2006, 03:56 GMT+1
edited 17.07.2006, 03:56 GMT+1

Your download link fails it (Geocities?!). I'd appreciate a helpful hand pointing me to a valid url to download this mod. Shanks.

maska writes:(new) 21.07.2006, 20:44 GMT+1

please reupload

s3m writes:(new) 11.09.2006, 08:50 GMT+1

plzzzz REupload

GaciX69 writes:(new) 19.10.2006, 19:17 GMT+1

I think that we need a reupload up here...
The link doesn't work...
And this WAD looks amazing and I want to play it...
The screenshots are awesome...

jimmy91 writes:(new) 21.10.2006, 13:08 GMT+1

I agree. >:(

cyberdemon writes:(new) 23.10.2006, 21:33 GMT+1
edited 23.10.2006, 21:33 GMT+1

its in doomworld

Conmon writes:(new) 06.04.2008, 15:06 GMT+1

Yeah I'm searching for realcombat.wad on the idgames mirror - nothing.

uvazquez writes:(new) 01.07.2008, 13:56 GMT+1

Could you give the download link plz? :D
It looks good.

piexil writes:(new) 05.10.2008, 18:13 GMT+1

yes the link dosent work

KelWratrifs writes:(new) 17.06.2017, 13:15 GMT+1

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