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Sea Lab
by DarkSoul
new comments Doom 2, single player
in progress, ZDoom
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Just thought I'd show some screenshots of my latest wad which I was kind of inspired to make after I played RTC.

Takes place (as you can tell) in a secret underwater base made by the UAC to continue their expieriments. Don't worry I'll add twists to the plot to keep it intresting ;)

The textures I'm using come from the Nightmare1 texture pack by Nick Baker and can be found at http://doomworld.com/afterglow

dethtoll writes:(new) 29.08.2004, 10:21 GMT+1

dude. i like what i see.

underwater? sounds good...

Apocsoft writes:(new) 29.08.2004, 11:02 GMT+1

a little dark maybe, but looks nice, the texture set looks a good 1.

Nmn writes:(new) 29.08.2004, 13:06 GMT+1

Looking good..
Reminds me of early R-One... :/

BlackFish writes:(new) 29.08.2004, 18:51 GMT+1

Nice map, it got the sealab 2021 song in my head again. :P

ace writes:(new) 29.08.2004, 23:09 GMT+1

Aww man... why can't Legacy do this! :'(
Cool map.

MasterOfPuppets writes:(new) 30.08.2004, 00:08 GMT+1

2021 2021 2021!

seriously the screenshots do look good though. love the lights in #2

dethtoll writes:(new) 30.08.2004, 01:52 GMT+1

legacy has more bugs than a CIA meeting and is a system hog.

zdoom IMO is much more flexible.

Ixnatifual writes:(new) 30.08.2004, 13:13 GMT+1

Cool. Shot 3 reminds me of Doom 3.

Blair Cahue writes:(new) 03.09.2004, 02:35 GMT+1

nice map, and blackfish, if your looking for me, you better check under the sea:)

ace writes:(new) 05.09.2004, 01:57 GMT+1
edited 05.09.2004, 03:09 GMT+1

Well hopefully the C++ version of Legacy is better, because i can't use zDoom because of one
3-letter word:


Mac is overlooked too much! Someone needs to port zDoom to Mac, dangit!

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