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Castle of Lost Dreams
by Gu-X
new comments Doom 2, single player
in progress, ZDoom
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I was inspired to make a castle wad. You start on the outskirts of the castle to see it suspiciously closed off, after exploring the caves and finding a secret entrance you know why, everyone is dead.. Killed by demons! YOu venture deep into the castle hearing moans of agony coming deep inside the dungeon walls.

sLydE writes:(new) 22.08.2004, 17:55 GMT+1

that third pic is cool, like the idea behind it all.

EarthQuake writes:(new) 22.08.2004, 20:01 GMT+1

Looks okay so far, but be careful when making your outside area arond the castle. Most people just put a square box out there surrounding the castle and call it quits. Spend as much time on the surrounding "outskirts" as you do on the castle itself.
Also, the gray flat in the first screenshot looks a bit out of place, maybe try going for something that compliments the brown brick better? A light or dark brown would look good.

Gu-X writes:(new) 22.08.2004, 21:41 GMT+1

Thanks for the comments, Just fyi this is only my second wad ever so don't expect a masterpiece, but know that I just started and I'm going to make the place look ALOT better in the future (Plus I still have about 60% of the level left to make.)^_^

ziko the pain extender writes:(new) 24.08.2004, 22:09 GMT+1

nice I wanted to make a castle wad but never got around to doing it, but its on my "to do" list. Who knows maby ill get rich and just buy a castle.....jk

Use3d writes:(new) 25.08.2004, 03:31 GMT+1

Break up all those bricks with some metal support textures, wooden beams or something. Otherwise it looks interesting.

Blair Cahue writes:(new) 07.09.2004, 15:06 GMT+1

bland and wooden

Gu-X writes:(new) 13.09.2004, 03:02 GMT+1

I've done alot of work on it, (though I haven't goten around to making the beams)as you can see by the new screen shots (which should come in soon). I've goten all new graphics and the music is from FF7 (very good) I'm also plannign to make this wad a 2-leveler now the second for the boss.

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