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Hellsing: Graves in the mist
by ellmo
new comments Doom 2, single player
in progress, ZDoom
screenshot #1screenshot #2screenshot #3


"Pierre Delacroix, 57, priest.
He's belived to be a serial killer we've been looking for; the one who took lives of at least 12 people between june 2002 and february 2003. Unfortunately he found out we were after him, so he took 7 hostages and is keeping them in his church right here" *commander shows you a photo of some village church* "Our main task is to retrieve the hostages without casualties at all costs. Then we'll deal with this priest freak. Understood? Dismissed."

shot#1 - SWAT truck shown at the car park (full bright)
shot#2 - shotgun zombie met in an old mine
shot#3 - introducting Zombies, Skybox and a Mossberg shotgun...

Map statistics:
Things: 424
Vertices: 1754
Lines: 2286
Sides: 4456
Sectors: 558

MasterOfPuppets writes:(new) 24.07.2004, 19:01 GMT+1

Hellsing and Doom. kinda like my saturday nights last summer :( this summer its just Doom -_^

the screenshots look interesting. the new enemy sprites don't look half bad

Kristus writes:(new) 24.07.2004, 19:54 GMT+1

Strife Villagers and Zombie men Shotgun from Covert Ops. Learn to spell. I'm not really one to talk, but that's just pityful. (the spelling that is.) Looks like it could be fun though.

ellmo writes:(new) 24.07.2004, 22:18 GMT+1
edited 24.07.2004, 22:43 GMT+1

Kristus said:
Strife Villagers and Zombie men Shotgun from Covert Ops

Jesus, I'm not going to call them "strife villagers" and "zombie men shotgun" in this project, since there are no zombies, and there's no Strife here. And in case you didn't notice, It's called Mossberg Shotgun in Covert Ops as well. My god, will you tell me now that there is no truck visible on shot#1, just a whole bunch of sectors, sidedefs, and textures? Use your imagination damnit.

Oh, and about spelling - I was just in a bit of a hurry...

Nmn writes:(new) 25.07.2004, 00:41 GMT+1
edited 25.07.2004, 00:43 GMT+1

I believe the shotgun should be more offseted to the right.. imagine firing it and You will notice that You would shoot at an angle (unless that's a reloading frame O_o). The enemies are bad arsed, can't wait to see the forest!
About the spelling... You can always edit the description :->

ellmo writes:(new) 25.07.2004, 00:50 GMT+1

Nmn said:
(unless that's a reloading frame O_o)

And that is a reloading frame.

Nmn writes:(new) 25.07.2004, 00:54 GMT+1

rofl, right. You just shot a zombie :)

Lutrov71 writes:(new) 25.07.2004, 02:48 GMT+1

Really good. I was looking forward to your other 2 projects enough! :)

dsm writes:(new) 25.07.2004, 15:57 GMT+1

I'm surprised that shotgun is a reloading frame, but that's nice to hear. I was convinced it wasn't - glad I was mistaken ;-)

Kristus writes:(new) 25.07.2004, 20:52 GMT+1
edited 25.07.2004, 20:53 GMT+1

What I was meaning was "Strife villagers and Zombiemen made into one" and "Shotgun from Covert ops". But still. My POINT was that I don't like when graphics are assembled from other sources to make a wad. (Although I must admit that I've done the same thing myself on one or two occations)

Btw! AFAIk those tires comes from Team TNT's wads aswell..

Use3d writes:(new) 01.08.2004, 02:40 GMT+1

I don't like the chunky sky, but everything else looks sharp. The shotgun appears a little small to me, but maybe it's supposed to be that way.

Nmn writes:(new) 01.08.2004, 12:28 GMT+1

Use3d said:
chunky sky

Please be precise-what is wrong with it? I presume it is too bright, but imho it is a pretty good thing made under Doom's pallette, which we know, lacks blue's shades. To calm You down-the sky is alread changed to a much darker one :)

boris writes:(new) 01.08.2004, 12:50 GMT+1

It's for ZDoom, use a high-res sky.

Nmn writes:(new) 01.08.2004, 13:36 GMT+1
edited 01.08.2004, 13:37 GMT+1

Wha? It's the pixelation!... :/
We'll "think" about that hi-res sky :)

deathbringer writes:(new) 21.08.2004, 22:03 GMT+1

This should be damn cool..kinda dissapointing now i know those zombies arent custom ones made by you, but oh well, the doom modding community is founded on graphics theft!

Jehar writes:(new) 12.10.2004, 03:18 GMT+1

I assume you mean Hellsing the anime? One of the greatest animes ever?

Boy that would be cool....

icer writes:(new) 02.11.2004, 01:07 GMT+1

looks pretty awesome

Nmn writes:(new) 13.11.2004, 15:09 GMT+1
edited 05.02.2005, 23:13 GMT+1

Removed by Boris

MR.INSANE writes:(new) 18.12.2004, 07:01 GMT+1

um are there any updtates on this cuz it looks awesome

Nmn writes:(new) 15.01.2005, 23:08 GMT+1
edited 03.03.2005, 22:39 GMT+1

Hmmm.. with the skills growing now I wonder where I would take this now. Too bad ellmo's dead.
EDIT: Maybe not dead so much..

CoolD00d writes:(new) 21.01.2005, 21:06 GMT+1

i beleive the strife villagers are on the 3rd screen shot, see there body and there head looks kinda like a zombie man so i get what hes getting at if that makes sence?

Nmn writes:(new) 22.01.2005, 12:40 GMT+1
edited 23.01.2005, 01:27 GMT+1

CoolD00d said:
ibeleive the strife villagers are on the 3rd screen shot, see there body and there head looks kinda like a zombie man so i get what hes getting at if that makes sence?

Speak english much?
EDIT: I don't mean to be mean (heh) but please try to write a decently grammar correct post. I barely understand You.

patrick writes:(new) 30.10.2005, 17:25 GMT+1

Better not be dead.

CoolD00d writes:(new) 10.12.2006, 13:37 GMT+1


doomguy writes:(new) 13.11.2007, 15:56 GMT+1

sembra bella questa wad chi mi uole parlare mi contattasse a hitman007@hotmail.it

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