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Map03 of _insert name here_
by Dittohead
new comments Doom 2, single player
in progress, Limit removing
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**UPDATED 06/28** (Name change)

Ok, the map finally has a home, and that home is in a wad series which will be a 7 level set for Doom 2. This little project spawned as an idea from both myself and Job from whom we get this nifty title from.

We are looking for perhaps 1-2 more skilled mappers to help with the project which will include new textures and music.

Contact me on AIM, my sn is "dissentone" for more information.

MasterOfPuppets writes:(new) 19.06.2004, 10:59 GMT+1

w00t :-)

boris writes:(new) 19.06.2004, 14:28 GMT+1

Looks pretty cool, especially shot 2 and 3. The 2nd seems a bit bland compared to the others.

iori writes:(new) 19.06.2004, 20:12 GMT+1

Looks neat. Thats a wild mix of textures you have there.

Use3d writes:(new) 19.06.2004, 23:50 GMT+1

I approve!

Jow writes:(new) 21.06.2004, 17:08 GMT+1

I like the 3rd shot the best. It's got nice techy sewer look. The 1st shot is quite scary. 2nd shot is nice, but something more into it.

EarthQuake writes:(new) 24.06.2004, 00:49 GMT+1

I like #1.
Somehow it reminds me of Thief, the part where you return to the mansion.

Chris Hansen writes:(new) 28.06.2004, 23:22 GMT+1

Hey nice name! Arhemmm! http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/index.php?id=10582

Dittohead writes:(new) 29.06.2004, 03:31 GMT+1

lol, sorry Chris I had no idea. It was Job's idea, honest!

I guess we'll have to find something else. I don't suppose you have any other cool latin phrases you weren't planning on using? ;)

Chris Hansen writes:(new) 29.06.2004, 10:12 GMT+1

Hey, no problem. Things like this can easily occur. And no, sorry I don't have any ideas... not at the moment that is. Maybe if I think of something I'll let you know.

Chris Hansen writes:(new) 03.07.2004, 12:36 GMT+1

I found a name for this, how about "Vae Victus"? It means no mercy. You may credit me at any time for my brilliance! ;)

Dittohead writes:(new) 03.07.2004, 20:17 GMT+1

That's awesome! I'll have to see if the other guys dig it, but thanks!

Oh, and if we use it we'll be sure to credit you :)

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