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Heresiarch Software Death Match Pack
by blzut3
new comments Doom 2, deathmatch
released, Legacy
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This is a 4 level pack for Legacy by staff members of Heresiarch Software (http://www.planetgargoyle.com/hs/).
update: I changed it to 4 maps since the project is no longer being work on. This is because were are down to 4 or 5 members insted of the 10+ when the project was started. So I'll be relesing the project as-is.

boris writes:(new) 12.06.2004, 10:03 GMT+1

Why didn't you use Legacy's screenshot button? o_O

Ki writes:(new) 13.06.2004, 00:00 GMT+1

Yeah man.. you know you can bind a key to take screenshots right?

bind s screenshot (in the autoexec.cfg file, or in the legacy consol)
so every time S is pressed it takes a screen shot?

blzut3 writes:(new) 13.06.2004, 01:33 GMT+1
edited 13.06.2004, 03:05 GMT+1

I did use a screen shot button yet thay came out in .PCX format so i had to convert it so I found 2png. I didn't pay $125 so it leves a water mark. But I really don't care. I used the command line -devparm.

Ki writes:(new) 13.06.2004, 19:07 GMT+1

Umm.. you know you can open up any art program and edit them right? even paint that comes with every computer. You can re-save them under any format you want that way. Just take the screenshop, open it in anything. use save as and pick what file type you want.

blzut3 writes:(new) 13.06.2004, 23:15 GMT+1
edited 13.06.2004, 23:25 GMT+1

Nope didn't even though i know alot bout computers. Oh i tryed to do that and update yet it was not correct so sorry bout the water mark i shoulden't need them there on the other screen shot sometimes i might have 4 screens so 3 will have water mark (maybe if i update screens) and the other will be an invailed format but zoom dosen't seem to care. :)

blzut3 writes:(new) 14.06.2004, 07:39 GMT+1

INVAILED nope i guess i'm stuck with water mark for a while PLZ don't bug me about it if only i could get a gif or a bmp out of doom legacy then there would be no water mark. sorry for inconvenionce :(.

Ki writes:(new) 14.06.2004, 11:50 GMT+1

Yoy can download free art programs that will let you take the screenshots from doom and save them as whatever you wish.
is a gree art program that can do it. It's an art program and you can just open a screenshot in that, pick save as, and pick whatever file format you want it saved under (recommend png)

blzut3 writes:(new) 14.06.2004, 20:18 GMT+1

Ok don't bother me me about them anymore from now on i'll try to use that program. Oh here were you get a new version almost everyday or so http://users.zoominternet.net/~blzut3/hsdmpak.wad/ You may report error in any of these levels (note: if Dragon_slayer allows me i'll fix all the texture alinements map01 isn't mine yet map02 and map32 are only msp32 is a remap of RAREWARE's duel map or Perfect Dark map named The Duel don't expect much more out of it :))

blzut3 writes:(new) 15.06.2004, 02:38 GMT+1
edited 15.06.2004, 02:46 GMT+1

didn't work sorry :(
Oh I gave you wad URL so screen shots are jsut a preveiw PLEASE (unless you can help) don't bother me with these pics.

Ki writes:(new) 16.06.2004, 01:41 GMT+1

Nice.. tho I recommend adding a legacy colormap under the water to make it look more real. (if you don't know how I'd be happy to tell you.. it's EXTREAMLY easy)

blzut3 writes:(new) 16.06.2004, 06:10 GMT+1
edited 16.06.2004, 06:14 GMT+1

No i don't know how um don't post it here e-mail it to me at blzut3@yahoo.com just to the water or the blood? Oh I use Doom Builder, Wintex, Wad author.
Note: Arch-Vile Software and D'speril Software are looking for mappers e-mail me if you wanna join you are recommened to use Doom Connector.

blzut3 writes:(new) 18.06.2004, 01:07 GMT+1

I can now use a BMP and convert it to JPG without a watermark. I don't whant anymore watermark post. If Ki e-mails me how to do colormaping without doing the whole sector meaning form celing to floor then i'll do that and take a new screen. Oh soon I'll do something like store maps that authors don't whant relesed till project is done then you can only get the one with the levels we decided to put out already. Well see.
We got another mapper working on this :).

Ki writes:(new) 19.06.2004, 08:25 GMT+1

Ugh.. sorry.. I don't have access to my email at the moment. (outlook exspress is complaning about a missing dll file)

do you got any other way I can contact you?
And yes the colormap will show up only below the water/blood/whatever you make. even 3D light. (useing 3d light you can 'stack' colormap sectors to give a fadeing light or some cool effects ;P)

blzut3 writes:(new) 20.06.2004, 05:54 GMT+1
edited 20.06.2004, 05:55 GMT+1

let see um Doom Connector, Yahoo messenger (i use Blzut3 as name for both).
Oh about your mail accout and outlook here a link to a free mail thing like outlook. find thunderbird on http://www.mozilla.org/. You just need the pop3 and the other thing or you can use the free Yhoo! mail! http://mail.yahoo.com

blzut3 writes:(new) 20.06.2004, 21:58 GMT+1

Ok I updated a pic #2 it now jpg format. Has no watermark!!! And um Ki told me thou YIM how to add color to a sector it works wad should be updated now.

Nmn writes:(new) 20.06.2004, 23:06 GMT+1
edited 21.06.2004, 00:34 GMT+1

No offense, but I would prefer a discussion about the map that is being made here. How's the progress?

blzut3 writes:(new) 21.06.2004, 04:25 GMT+1

Um its maps that is being made um let see 3 finished and I know 2 are being worked on. Remember if anyone whants to help find Maniac Me or JangoFett on Doomconnector.

ace writes:(new) 03.09.2004, 18:07 GMT+1
edited 03.09.2004, 18:08 GMT+1

in pic #1, how do you turn that kills/secrets count on? oh, almost forgot to say, cool map. keep up the work.

blzut3 writes:(new) 03.09.2004, 23:20 GMT+1

I may have taken that screen using doom connector in background but i think theres another way to do it like -m -s -h -a or something like that.

Nmn writes:(new) 03.12.2004, 14:20 GMT+1
edited 03.12.2004, 14:20 GMT+1

Crap. And what's the hype about it?

MR.INSANE writes:(new) 09.01.2005, 23:41 GMT+1

omg dude i just played it these map are awesome i havent played maps this good in awhile im keeping an eye on your proects from now on

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