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YWD (You Will Die)
by [LeD] Tuz
new comments Doom 2, deathmatch
released, ZDoom
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Finaly, WAD is ready!!! Use it with ZDoom 2.0.63 or higher! Enjoy...

Ixnatifual writes:(new) 10.06.2004, 12:52 GMT+1

The stairs in the first two shots look cool. The square lighting looks a little odd, however. Also don't like the LITE textures in the third shot, they seem malplaced.

[LeD] Tuz writes:(new) 10.06.2004, 13:31 GMT+1
edited 10.06.2004, 13:36 GMT+1

Square lighting is the result of lamp lighting. Lamp didn't shown on screenshot. 5 of 10 maps is done. Now I am creating the 6 map. Also, I added new sounds to the WAD. Download the beta-version & you will see all my fantasy. =)
Oh, & the link to download: http://www.andreikontouzov.by.ru/Files/YWD.zip
P.S. I am from Russia. :D

Atreju writes:(new) 10.06.2004, 16:08 GMT+1

Russia rules!!!
Tuz, you forgot to tell them what port is recommended to run your level ;)
Cause this was actually the only thing that I was upset about - I couldn't run it under my favourite ZDaemon ;)

ellmo writes:(new) 26.07.2004, 19:44 GMT+1

Hey, are you showing us three screenshots of the same place?

[LeD] Tuz writes:(new) 26.07.2004, 22:02 GMT+1
edited 26.07.2004, 22:45 GMT+1

Yeah... But soon there will be much more new screenshots...

LordTyphoon writes:(new) 11.08.2004, 17:00 GMT+1

Link does not work.

[LeD] Tuz writes:(new) 11.08.2004, 20:31 GMT+1

New link: http://www.andreikontouzov.by.ru/Files/YWD.rar

LordTyphoon writes:(new) 15.08.2004, 17:37 GMT+1
edited 15.08.2004, 17:40 GMT+1

Nice big open level.
Although for the weapons...
You should have left the SSG graphic like it was. In your wad it looks like if Flynn had four hands.
Also, the chaingun is.. well.. too much.
Otherwise everything is fine.

EDIT:Oh, and the chainsaw isn't centered correctly.
EDIT 2: And, if there was any other room, I couldn't spot them o_O

impClaw writes:(new) 15.12.2004, 16:11 GMT+1

Please make it a .zip file instead, i cannot open .rar files

Chronoteeth writes:(new) 15.12.2004, 16:54 GMT+1

.rar is free, just DL winRAR.

[LeD] Tuz writes:(new) 15.12.2004, 18:10 GMT+1

Ok, it is in .RAR & .ZIP already...

hobomaster22 writes:(new) 17.12.2004, 22:51 GMT+1

You should try uploading it to a web space that doesnt suck. I get 400kb/sec dls on average, and I'm getting under 1kb on that peice of crap.

MR.INSANE writes:(new) 18.12.2004, 23:19 GMT+1

btw where did you get the midis i love system of a down

uvazquez writes:(new) 06.11.2008, 13:43 GMT+1

I'd like to download this map but I don't understand russian...
Can you upload it to another sv?

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