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Descent to hell
by harry
new comments Doom 2, single player
in progress, Doomsday
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Descent to hell is my first WAD and will feature one level (a fair sized one). One will be in the UAC base taken over by demons. this will cover MAP01.
No additional graphics or textures will be added but looks great with the hi-res ones, well the XG scripts.
I can now make lifts, teleports, and stair builders.
This map will feature minor xg scripts.

Jehar writes:(new) 27.05.2004, 19:09 GMT+1

Looks really sweet! Jdoom maps are always welcome in my book. Good choice of screenies. Can't wait!

but i never did like the way the jdoom BoH\HK hunch the way they do.

harry writes:(new) 27.05.2004, 20:07 GMT+1
edited 27.05.2004, 20:10 GMT+1

Yeah, I know what you mean, you know about the HK/BOH thing, very good models though.
I'm really slow at mapping an all like because of school an stuff so this won't be done for a long time!

Nmn writes:(new) 27.05.2004, 21:47 GMT+1

The lights on screen 3 are unaligned. First map? Hmmm. To align such 64x64 flats You should stay with the grid, or slap a plain flat to that ceiling (even ceil3_5) and sculp some lamps out. Noticed a 64 grid in the editor? Use it to align flats.
The fog You can do with the DED files-Make a custom maps.ded file, simply base it on the default one, or edit Your own maps.ded. Edit it via DEDMan-get it on Jdoom's site. In the mapinfo options the fog options can easily be seen, modify it. Once You're happy with Your ded file You can put it in Your WAD. Insert it as a lump with XWE and rename it to DDXGDATA. There You go.

harry writes:(new) 27.05.2004, 22:04 GMT+1
edited 04.06.2004, 14:29 GMT+1

Thanks for the advice, Nmn, I just put on another ceiling texture and I have now got red fog.

MasterOfPuppets writes:(new) 28.05.2004, 03:31 GMT+1

not bad for first maps. you should know that your choice of title is sort of taken. Bob Larkin has a map seriese called Decent Into Hell, but i guess it dosn't matter if the titles are similiar. not really important sense he is going to quit doom 2 stuff. anyway, keep practicing.

Nmn writes:(new) 04.06.2004, 16:06 GMT+1

Well not much changed, so not much to write. The fog looks very nice, i.e. fits to the scenery well. Try to map some opened areas (detailed naturally), not only perdy halls so we can see more of this cool production of Yours.

Relica Religia writes:(new) 05.06.2004, 03:45 GMT+1

Hey, where did you get that Pistol replacement?

harry writes:(new) 05.06.2004, 08:26 GMT+1
edited 05.06.2004, 08:26 GMT+1

I got the pistol from fano's website, it was on the weapon factory section. It also comes with a spas 12 shotgun and a really cool map.

boris writes:(new) 05.06.2004, 09:18 GMT+1

The fancy lights and high-res textures don't really conceal how bland the detailing of the map is.

Nmn writes:(new) 05.06.2004, 09:45 GMT+1
edited 05.06.2004, 15:33 GMT+1

But then again Boris, this one is for Jdoom, not any sourceport :-)
But I have to agree with You-personnaly I play without hi-resy stuff and all shanenigans and the truth about the architecture will be revealed. Hmm.
EDIT: Screenshot 2- O_o

boris writes:(new) 05.06.2004, 19:50 GMT+1

Dude WTF is your problem with keeping updating your wad.

harry writes:(new) 05.06.2004, 20:30 GMT+1
edited 05.06.2004, 20:42 GMT+1

Im really sorry about that because it sometines doesn't get through and I kind of get impatient, I won't do it any more though ok. But do you mind if I update on a weekly to monthly basis if that's ok with you.

Nmn writes:(new) 05.06.2004, 20:46 GMT+1

You know, updating the wad simply to keep it on the top of the list is bad. Boris won't update it, unless You upload new shots or some important information to the description.
EDIT: Unaligned cements in shot 3 (vertically)

harry writes:(new) 05.06.2004, 20:56 GMT+1
edited 05.06.2004, 20:59 GMT+1

Thanks for that, Nmn, I've gone and sorted it out. And I'm not trying to keep on top of the list BTW, I'm just new to all this stuff.

Fano++64k writes:(new) 21.06.2004, 22:49 GMT+1

look nice harry ;) not a lot of details but seems to have a good ambiance... i like the transparent texture in the third screenie ;)

dethtoll writes:(new) 25.07.2004, 22:35 GMT+1

i like the 2nd shot with the blue lights. found it creepy so i turned it into my desktop, i did :)

MasterOfPuppets writes:(new) 26.07.2004, 21:57 GMT+1

still looks n00bish, but we can see your improvments. keep it up.

dethtoll writes:(new) 29.07.2004, 02:54 GMT+1

hey, can i get a high-res version of screenshot 2 with the blue lights? it's good enough for a desktop, if you ask me.

harry writes:(new) 29.07.2004, 10:42 GMT+1
edited 29.07.2004, 10:55 GMT+1

Can you give me the name of a website that lets you upload as many pictures as you like free? because then I will be able to give you the hi-res version. And maybe more pics ;)
EDIT: I uploaded the pic at 1024x768 and it scaled it way down, sorry :(
BTW it's at http://photobucket.com/albums/v411/Harrydude/Blue.png

Agent Spork writes:(new) 29.07.2004, 13:05 GMT+1

Heh, the blue lights in screenshot 2 almost blinded me :P

harry writes:(new) 01.08.2004, 18:07 GMT+1

It's now http://photobucket.com/albums/v411/Harrydude/Blue.jpg

:) it's the right size so they have'nt scaled it down!

DI writes:(new) 17.10.2004, 21:45 GMT+1

Nice one Harry. I will download this one

UnmannedWarhead writes:(new) 21.08.2007, 15:35 GMT+1

Where did you get that pistol?

kennethasd1 writes:(new) 28.11.2011, 14:41 GMT+1

wow!! That is looking good. I can not wait to play!

Dannydit writes:(new) 07.06.2017, 10:27 GMT+1

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