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Time Labs
by DarkSoul
new comments Doom 2, single player
released, doom(2).exe
screenshot #1screenshot #2screenshot #3


Well it's released. You can dl it now.

Lutrov71 writes:(new) 07.05.2004, 11:52 GMT+1

Shot 3 looks a bit like HR2 map01. Very good for one of your first maps. Good use of textures too.

Agent Spork writes:(new) 05.06.2004, 19:00 GMT+1

Looks pretty sweet. I like darkish tech maps.

boris writes:(new) 05.06.2004, 19:05 GMT+1

Yeah, too bad that it's lost :(

EarthQuake writes:(new) 24.06.2004, 00:35 GMT+1


DarkSoul writes:(new) 24.06.2004, 05:48 GMT+1

Heh, it was lost before, but I redid it from scratch and released it.

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