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The Fallen: Dark Ascension
by bryant robinson
new comments Doom 2, single player
released, ZDoom
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A Dark Hellish/Gothic theme re-imagining of Ultimate Doom's Episode 3 and 4 this time using the capabilities of the Gzdoom engine. Some of the features that brings new life into this hellish theme includes: slopes,new decorate monster types, dynamic lights, and various scripted events.

Nmn writes:(new) 11.04.2004, 12:11 GMT+1

Outstanding. Behold the power of Vavoom and Bryant! No wonder, since he's one of those mapping masters! Keep up the tremendous work. Screen 3 is my favourite-the sky and architecture spawn superb atmosphere.

NiGHTMARE writes:(new) 11.04.2004, 13:18 GMT+1

Wow, it looks better than if it were for Quake! :) BTW, looks like it includes GothicDM textures as well as ones from Daikatana, Quake & Hexen 2 ;).

MasterOfPuppets writes:(new) 11.04.2004, 21:10 GMT+1

wow, i didn't know Vavoom looked this good, although maybe its just the map :) indeed some nice architecture in screen 3

geedougg writes:(new) 11.04.2004, 22:27 GMT+1

Ain't that the truth. Go to Demise (his site) and check out the rest.

Doom_Dude writes:(new) 11.04.2004, 23:25 GMT+1

This looks really good. I like the architecture and the dark textures especially in the 3rd screenshot. :)

boris writes:(new) 12.04.2004, 01:04 GMT+1

This looks indeed very nice! I hope you'll make good use of the Vavoom editing features. Vavoom really deserves to have some cool maps.

toxfluff writes:(new) 12.04.2004, 04:06 GMT+1

This looks incredible. Vavoom really is the best looking of the Doom ports when used correctly, and it looks you've certainly used it well here. Awesome stuff.

geedougg writes:(new) 12.04.2004, 04:53 GMT+1

I agree with ToxFluff (ToXiCFLUFF, I presume). Vavoom, if used correctly and to the furthest extent of it's capabilities is a very good looking port indeed. The static/dynamic lighting and other effects in Vavoom rock, and it's got slopes and true-3d (sector-over-sector) which means it's kind'a like a mix between JDoom and ZDoom. I hope Vavoom is paid more attention to, since it can become so much better than it even is at the moment. Really it's a shame for this port to be left alone and not worked on.

deathbringer writes:(new) 21.08.2004, 21:50 GMT+1

You know, when the EDGE team said they would be including support for 'photo-realistic' skies, i really couldnt see the point, with good conversion to 256 colours who needs them?. Then i saw this!

joe2 writes:(new) 18.03.2005, 19:30 GMT+1

well its a very good wad indeed. but when will to be done

DeathevokatioN writes:(new) 08.01.2011, 15:01 GMT+1

This looks like it was going to be a fantastic level set.

bryant robinson writes:(new) 04.06.2011, 22:44 GMT+1

Well guys, Fallen seems to be still sitting and rotting on my hard drive. School and work have consumed all of my available time. It hasn't been officially canceled so that's still a good sign.....

PFL writes:(new) 27.10.2014, 07:41 GMT+1

Damn that is coming handy for the cacowards :) I wonder, how old were you in 2004 ? I'm on this tonight. Been waiting for it :)))'be back

PFL writes:(new) 28.10.2014, 04:34 GMT+1

So I am back. I have completed the eight levels with great and not so great satisfaction.

I like the mood, the design of the maps and it's general gameplay; love how you can escape from most situation and come back from another path. This comes handy when some Diabolist appears to pair with a helpless Archon :((. I don't die easy but this time, I was surprised a couple of times, including when I decided to face the Cyberdemon; should I recall the different sound before facing him, thinking it would be a job done quick :))) Damn Annhilator.

Secrets were fair to find. Might have missed one or two.

On the darker side, I found it so short. Yep, that's my only negative point ;)) I was in for the complete package. Some even bigger maps with even bigger challenges. Not this year :))))

Excellent Work mr. heavyshell3k (:-)))

body{background-color: yellow;} writes:(new) 31.10.2014, 11:37 GMT+1
edited 31.10.2014, 11:38 GMT+1

Nice map, love the styling on this one

Ryuk writes:(new) 04.03.2015, 23:00 GMT+1

Very good map! Its a hard work here. A lot thinking for so many things... I can emagine. Im old doom player, and I know. Good work man, nice traps, may be ammo is to much, but its ok for less experienced players. 8/10 :)

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