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by Sphagne
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Elidor is an action RPG doom2 TC that happens about a century after Doom2 events, and you have to enter dreamworld to fight the all too powerful UAC.
Like any RPG you start with modest charactristics and can gradually develope your character in these skills:
Combat,Computer,Electronics,Stealth and Technic.
You start in modern futuristic environment, but as you enter Elidor you will be surrounded by moody and gothic scenery just a bit tinted with modern bases from one side and hellish infestion from another, and you may have to perform space travels in space themed levels.
Textures are highres with sizes of up to 2048x512, and sounds are mostly 16 bits ogg and flac, and monsters and items will feature latest ZDoom addons via DECORATE lump to add more interactivity.
This wad would be heavily scripted to include RPG elements, so you would be able to hack computers and reprogram defence turrets to kill enemies, or sneek into rooms and repare damaged robots and mount them with better weapons and let them to clear areas for you...
This project is still in it's craddle and needs a lot of work to complete.

SargeBaldy writes:(new) 10.04.2004, 11:26 GMT+1

omg, doom ex :) looks really promising!

ellmo writes:(new) 10.04.2004, 11:38 GMT+1

And what the fuck's that!? I was supposed to do a System-Shock-like projec, not you Sphange... Looks really great. Mind If I ask you how are, you going to manage those increasing skills? And how does the stealth work?

Sphagne writes:(new) 10.04.2004, 13:06 GMT+1

For the first question I dont see any problems, the skills are kept in global variables and can be managed within a library of scripts.

As for the stealth skill, if I could have managed Randy to implement my Actor Sight Calculation, then it would be as easy as placing a tree in a level, but for now, at some certain points in the levels there is a check against our stealth skill value and if we fail the check, something happen, maybe some monsters would come to investigate the area.

Sphagne writes:(new) 10.04.2004, 16:13 GMT+1

By the way a demo is here:


Jonathan writes:(new) 10.04.2004, 19:13 GMT+1

Wow! I'm seriously impressed with that demo, you really know your way around ACS. The project sounds very cool in general, I'm definitely looking forward to seeing what you produce!

geedougg writes:(new) 11.04.2004, 22:32 GMT+1

Dang. Nice! Now there's something different....

Dron writes:(new) 12.04.2004, 18:45 GMT+1


EarthQuake writes:(new) 13.04.2004, 14:14 GMT+1

I don't understand... why are there stormtroopers in that titlescreen?
That's such a damned turn off...

Sphagne writes:(new) 13.04.2004, 17:03 GMT+1

Well, this title has hightech and spece themes as well, so there should be some space monsters there as well, I would appreciate any other suggestions.

EarthQuake writes:(new) 14.04.2004, 00:53 GMT+1

You gotta be kidding me...
Take them out! Take them out! For the love of god!
Why not use the doom marine? You can always translate it into different colors...

Sphagne writes:(new) 14.04.2004, 05:25 GMT+1

I will do so, if someone directs me to a better replacement. ;-)

Hey man, it has a space themed levels full of robots and stuff. I need more than the green marine.

EarthQuake writes:(new) 14.04.2004, 14:46 GMT+1

How bout strife's sprites?
You can easily get the shareware, and I do believe you can get the full version for free (legally).

ellmo writes:(new) 15.04.2004, 08:45 GMT+1

Meh, former "DRD-team" project will be better :) We'll have some graphics from scratch at least...

Nmn writes:(new) 15.04.2004, 13:15 GMT+1

Ellmo - my words exactly, hehehe :-)

Sphagne writes:(new) 15.04.2004, 17:22 GMT+1

Well, are you offering them to me to use in Elidor? ;-)

ellmo writes:(new) 16.04.2004, 21:54 GMT+1

Heh, not a friggin way:)
I don't mean to challenge you, since I'm almost sure our projects will vary much in later states. Just wishin' you good luck. I know myself how hard it can be to think of something "NEW"...

Sphagne writes:(new) 17.04.2004, 05:56 GMT+1

Heh: ;-)


Sphagne writes:(new) 17.04.2004, 12:51 GMT+1

To tell the truth, I had been toying with this hightech RPG Doom idea for quite a while before I posted that thread, as you can see here:


You can look for computer screen textures and the hacking animations...

Back then I wanted to call it DoomEx, just like Sarge Baldy here, but I then I thought it was a little cheesy for the project and was suitable for a more light hearted one. This was to have a spoky mood full of tension and nerve stressing ambient sounds and the lot...

So, after I came out with a plot, I decided to call it "Elidor", which it is now, and if you read the above thread, you will realize that I have changed the plot since then as well, and if you think why it has taken such a long time for me to develope it, I have written more about it in the demo, in the "This demo" part, and also I had drifted away from Doom for some time, then after I returned, I decided to start it afresh and you can see the first result in the demo above.

But now I am working on it with a new vigour and hopefully I want to reach a decent result with it, :) The new textures are really mouth watering, but I have not found decent item and enemy sprites to go with it, so I have to stick with Doom, Heretic, Hexen, Strife and Dark Forces.

Can anyone direct me to some better sprites, or even better, make some highres ones for me? (with 3dsMax and the like).

By the way, thanks, LWM I still have the ones you made for me and would use them in "Elidor". :)

Anna writes:(new) 19.04.2004, 04:51 GMT+1

is there no homepage for the project ?

Sphagne writes:(new) 19.04.2004, 13:50 GMT+1

No, but Thanx to boris, I can show off stuff here, and maybe upload some different demos to idgames.

Tormentor667 writes:(new) 16.05.2004, 16:36 GMT+1

This is absolutely crazy ;)

icer writes:(new) 02.11.2004, 01:38 GMT+1

thats so awesome!!!!!!!its a freakin dream come true i hope you finish soon so i can play it!

joe2 writes:(new) 26.11.2007, 18:36 GMT+1

so when will it be finished

Dancso writes:(new) 27.11.2007, 07:30 GMT+1

wow. Looks VERY promising! :)

Sphagne writes:(new) 31.12.2007, 23:41 GMT+1

Sorry fellas, I'm currently out of here:


piexil writes:(new) 16.12.2008, 12:04 GMT+1

so is this like dead

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