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Twitch HQ DX
by DoomTheRobot
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Twitch HQ DX is a redux release of both of my previous wads "Twitch HQ 1" and "Twitch HQ 2" that were made for two different Vinesauce Doom Mapping Contests. Because of the time constraints and various other problems I had while making both wads, they're nearly unplayable in their current released state. So with Twitch HQ DX, I plan on fixing some of the major issues both original releases had and add a bunch of cool new features. Additions such as being able to skip both cutscenes and boss fights, along with some hidden extras will be included.

One major change will be the added ability to be able to use both GZDoom and Zandronum to play. This also allows both cooperative and competitive game modes to be played on every single map. The original versions of these maps actually didn't support coop or DM play at all. What's also cool about this is that all maps will be adjusted based on certain settings or gamemodes in order to compensate of how dynamic some of the maps are. This means that flow of the maps will be smooth for the entirety of the session.

I planned on having this released back in May, but college finals have gotten in the way. So I'm hoping I could at least have a beta release within this month. Expect to see an update here in the description with a release of a beta and so on. Also, sorry for the lack of quality screenshots, it seems Zandronum doesn't want to cooperate with me at the moment.

DoomTheRobot writes:(new) 20.01.2019, 09:41 GMT+1

Hi all, forgot this existed. Anyways, a few days ago I released a test build of the exclusive Boss Rush Mode, and you can download and play it here: https://www.moddb.com/mods/twitch-hq-dx/downloads/twitch-hq-dx-boss-rush-test-1

adamschule85 writes:(new) 19.06.2019, 04:46 GMT+1

This is simply ingenious. Now why didn't anybody think of this before. zombs royale

doomsucks writes:(new) 15.08.2019, 02:21 GMT+1

what a shitty little wad this is LOL

Cassandra D. Everhart writes:(new) 15.08.2019, 12:11 GMT+1

You're really properly informed and extremely intelligent. Lucky's Electrician of Hunter's Creek

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