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The Abaddon Trilogy
by delehrious81
Doom 2, single player
in progress, doom(2).exe
screenshot #1screenshot #2screenshot #3


Imagine an alternate universe where Wolf3D, Catacombs, Hovertank, Nitemare 3D, Doom, It's sequel, Quake, Hexen, Heretic, none of these existed

It all started with Abaddon. Abaddon is full of dos text screens and really shitty thrown-together bad door programming, and pixelated textures far worse than doom of its era. This game came out for Super NES because PC didn't have a breakthrough until the two sequels, Abaddon 2 (Shown in screenshots), and finally Abaddon 3, with Hexen and Quake elements. This is of course my made-up reasoning for testing ACS for the first time again in years and trying to learn it all and have a backing series to release as a second bird for my stone ;)

I'm thinking of finding that old wolf3d to doom converter and designing Abaddon's first entry into doom in a non-doom editor

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