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Midnight Madness
by Meg
new comments Doom, single player
in progress, doom(2).exe
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grouchbag writes:(new) 22.10.2017, 03:48 GMT+1

Well done, I like!

Schism writes:(new) 04.01.2018, 06:57 GMT+1

Nice night sky and I'm still not used to Doom having floors above floors. I spend a lot of time with my levels giving the impression they do, or the odd time messing with invisible floors to pretend they do, but for them to actually have is weird and makes it seem more like Quake to me.

Mancubus2isafaggot writes:(new) 12.01.2018, 06:02 GMT+1

grouchbag commenting on Meg's shemale dick, as always!

Schism writes:
Nice asshole and I'm still not used to Doom being a decent game at all. I spend a lot of my precious life wasting away at my computer, playing Doom. I like to pretend I have a life but it's scary and I don't want to leave my mummy's closet.

Schism writes:(new) 29.01.2018, 04:20 GMT+1

Mancuss feeling your manlove for everyone. You can't hide it under all that fake teenage angst :o)

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