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Tech_Travel: The Digital Adventure
by DoomTheRobot
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in progress, ZDoom
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Tech_Travel: The Digital Adventure is a Side Scrolling mod based off and inspired from Tormentor667's Pogostick mod made way back in 2008.

The story goes as follows...

"It began in the near-future. The world was evolving with it's new technology and new ways to live life. However, there is too much life in the world. The world became over-populated, trashed, and destroyed. People were committing many crimes that the government couldn't handle. The U.A.C, once again, were experimenting with teleportation, in hopes of handling this major problem. They attempted to teleport into another world, known as the Digital Universe, so that many people could live in a new peaceful world. This time, the U.A.C knows how to handle anything that comes in their way, and is most likely to expect it. The experiment was getting close to a final version, and was ready to have thousands, and possibly millions enter a new beautiful world.

Until then, portals started appearing all over the world, pulling in everything and everyone inside. And soon, most of the population of the world was sucked into this new world. One of the important scientists of the UAC has gone missing completely, and every soldier has disappeared, except for you. You must travel deep into the Digital Universe and find out whatever is causing this to happen. You grab your pistol and step into the new world..."

This originally was supposed to be a map submission or a small enhancement mod for the original Pogostick. But having noticed that the project hasn't been touched in many years, I decided to attempt to bring it back to life, somehow. You can notice some of the differences and enhancements from Tech_Travel and Pogostick in the screenshots. One of them mainly being the HUD. The HUD is much less now, but since this is still heavily work in progress, I may end up redoing the HUD again. Another thing I want to try is to keep the player in straight line, which means the player will not be able to strafe unlike the original Pogostick. Things that will be different in Tech_Travel is the weapons, jumping, enemies and many other things so that it will give a nice side-scrolling experience and I tend on making a full megawad (possibly more) under these changes.

Instead of fighting your average monsters and demons or whatever hell has up their sleeves, you will be fighting against robots. Where the hell did these things come from? Did the U.A.C make them? Guess you'll find out soon... All robots are similar to each and one another, but they all have different traits and ways of attacking the player. The robots you currently see in the screenshots is one of the basic ones that just shoots a plasma ball. There's others that shoot rockets, shoot plasma balls that move along the ground, Tanks, Spiders, and more. Of course, there are no hitscans.

One of the latest additions to Tech_Travel recently was the use of "World Maps" which will allow the player to choose a level that they desire. But be warned, not all levels are unlocked from the start, and they most likely require the player to go search for the requirements for these levels, in the unlocked levels first.

Currently as I'm writing this, there are only very few levels, going up to about 4 levels finished or work-in-progress. Some of them are actually being redone. I would like to release demos or betas of it, but I don't don't when I'll be doing that. (I don't even know if I can finish it, heh.) I'm pretty sure it'll be a while until the final version can be released, so I guess I can try and make public betas or something in the meantime. Not sure exactly. Stay tuned, and let me know what you think so far.

EDIT 8/1/2015
Hey everyone, while I'm working hard on the singleplayer part of the mod, me and my friends are slowly working on a multiplayer part as well, simply called "Tech_Travel: Online" for the source port Zandronum, and will most likely not be developed until release of the singleplayer version. We are quite unsure. For now, you can watch gameplay of the online mode here: https://youtu.be/CHTo-paH_qM Thank you all for your continued support!

deathbringer writes:(new) 31.07.2015, 14:38 GMT+1

Looks cool, is it "side scrolling", but you can go towards and away from the screen, too? There was an old Playstation game called Agent Armstrong, which was like that.

DoomTheRobot writes:(new) 31.07.2015, 19:12 GMT+1
edited 31.07.2015, 19:12 GMT+1

Only certain sections allow you to move away and go towards the screen. Such sections are the moving platforms or the conveyer belts type of area. A good example you'll see of this is used in the second screenshot. Most of the time, you'll be walking just left and right, however.

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