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Archaeologists Nightmare
by The Architect
new comments Doom 2, single player
in progress, ZDoom
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Trying to build the hardest doom level I can, with many hidden switches and false walls. Truly an archaeologists nightmare. If you can make it to the exit, I salute you. I've playtested it many times and it can be done. All the switches work but many are quite hard to find. My second ever level. This level also contains my first crusher(s)!

grouchbag writes:(new) 27.05.2015, 03:37 GMT+1

Hey,this looks nice! Will try tonight.

The Architect writes:(new) 27.05.2015, 05:06 GMT+1
edited 27.05.2015, 09:24 GMT+1

Fixed some glitches and added a new section. Download link is updated.

Good luck!

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