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[Original Thread here: http://www.tdgmods.net/smf/viewtopic.php?f=26&t=173]

3DGE64 is a planned 7-map struggle of a rookie marine battling for each breath he is still worthy to breathe. Using the 3DGE engine, there will be 3D floors sparingly used, coloured sectors, dynamic lighting, and a few new things to play with. I created this mod for the sole appreciation of what Doom 64 IS. An atmospheric experience haunting you with desolation. This mod was created with that appreciation in mind, and to show what the new 3DGE egine is capable of. I feel that this will be something we can play at a pace or kill relentlessly for those who have fallen. Thank you for hosting this project.

MAP01: Awakening 100% Complete
MAP02: Out of the Grave 30% Complete
Get 3DGE64: http://www.uploadmb.com/dw.php?id=1426732685

PFL writes:(new) 18.03.2015, 12:59 GMT+1

Doom 64 has a favorite spot in my tastes. I hope I can play this sometime soon (or later) :)

RUNSABER writes:(new) 18.03.2015, 21:35 GMT+1
edited 19.03.2015, 02:50 GMT+1

MAP 01 is almost complete, just doing some tests for weaponry. Warning, enemy sprites may be a bit huge, still working around this. Difficulty implemented for UV/WMD! at the moment! SSG and Plasma Rifle behave like the original, still some tweaks to be made.

UPDATE: Demo of MAP01 is available, Difficulties aren't implemented as of now. Play slow if you want to survive, or speed run for a par time.

Get 3DGE64: http://www.uploadmb.com/dw.php?id=1426732685

There are 2 secrets on the map, one requiring multiple sequences to acquire the Plasma Rifle. Hint: It's green, and there are four of them. You can interact with one in your barrack as soon as you start. ;) Also, if something nearby seems out of reach, touch a few things around you. Some textures give hints as to what does what.

PFL writes:(new) 20.03.2015, 03:30 GMT+1
edited 20.03.2015, 03:32 GMT+1

Well well, I come back from the Awakening. Some thoughts ...

- I had forgotten how much I hate Edge since I am used to the multiple options of GZDoom and it's perfect feel of the game.
- But it looks great and feels Doom 64 on the mood. Less so on the gameplay. I have a hard time tweaking the options to an optimal identical gameplay. I also feel so small :))) in comparison with my ennemies.
- It is not too hard.
- Have found many unsecrets but none of the officials.
- I also saw the HOMs when you go down with the square concrete tiny "elevator".
- Now everyone seems dead but no blue keys; cannot go further after trying almost every possible things. That's not suppose to be on an entry level. Should be easier or maybe much more evident. So that would be my only real complaint so far, but an important one.
- Did I mention it looked GREAT ?

Keep on, it'll be fantastic.

RUNSABER writes:(new) 20.03.2015, 09:03 GMT+1

Thank you so much for the feedback, PFL :D

Optimized settings are Mouselook, No Autoaim, Weapon Kick, and Jumping enabled.

Gameplay is a weakpoint at the moment, allowing some deaf monsters to stay put while others roam around to snuff you out. Will have other players help me with this in the near future once difficulties are implemented!

I forgot all about that HOM, noticed it MANY times, will have it fixed; thanks for pointing it out!

After you press the switch in the Orange Computer room with Chaingun, this opens all of the closed doors in the mess hall. You can find the blue key near the armor bonus corner in a room with a lone orange computer underneath the bed. From there, you have access to final room to finish the level!

I'll add some arrows to guide the player to this room, thanks again for playing through it! I added a door that closes after 9 seconds of being opened, so you have to RUN to it!

PFL writes:(new) 20.03.2015, 12:31 GMT+1

After you press the switch in the Orange Computer room with Chaingun ... haven't found that one yet ... I'm going back then.

DOOMman writes:(new) 20.03.2015, 12:58 GMT+1
edited 20.03.2015, 12:59 GMT+1

Hi! What happend with your ATTRITION levels? Are you still work on it or...?

PFL writes:(new) 20.03.2015, 13:11 GMT+1
edited 20.03.2015, 17:21 GMT+1

I'm back. I found out how to open the door to the plasma gun and eventually the chaingun. Activated the two switches there and up I went onto the raising platform. From there I jumped down to find myself locked again. The curved stairway is now blocked by a huge wall !

EDIT. Anyone home ? My marine is locked ...

RUNSABER writes:(new) 20.03.2015, 19:23 GMT+1

@PFL, The Orange Computer Room contains two demons and a sergeant to subdue. After eliminating them, the green lift switch lower the platform. Ride it up and time your jump back to the bridge, be careful or you will die in the chasm below. You will fight a few more demons and a Hell Knight. As far the curved yellow stairway being blocked, that's unusual! I'll have to take a look at the tags.

*To get the plasma rifle, you must activate 4 green computers. One is located in the your barrack, another in the Chainsaw room, one near the Orange Computer Room, and the final one in a maintenance room. You will need to touch the Orange Computer near the Chainsaw room to dash for the lift that lowers. A switch will be revealed after all four computers have been accessed, and you can claim your prize. I may make this easier, it's a puzzling secret.

ATTRITION is still being worked on: almost finished! Those are short boom maps, just working on gameplay since it's pace is faster than 3DGE 64. I will release it in April.

PFL writes:(new) 21.03.2015, 06:27 GMT+1

I got the plasma gun and did everything you mentioned. Then, there is an impossibility to get back by the stairs. All I can do is flick the switch, cross the far away rising door, follow the path to the raising platform, then jump and again & again. I will try it with GZDOOM to see what it does.

RUNSABER writes:(new) 21.03.2015, 12:30 GMT+1

What version of 3DGE are you using? Development is now at 2.0 and that is the version I modded for. Forgot to mention this.. 3DGE's linedef and sector specials are different than GZDOOM's, so you are more viable to encounter more errors than ever. I'll make fixes here soon in the next 3 level update until the final release! Sorry for the stress-factor, I'm glad that someone came across this!

PFL writes:(new) 21.03.2015, 22:59 GMT+1

1.35 ... :(

That must be it. I was able to complete with GZDOOM with some technical variations :))) 3D floors aren't the same. None the less, the map may be complicated for a first entry. It's also beautiful. I wait for next updates nd I'll change my build :)

RUNSABER writes:(new) 21.03.2015, 23:19 GMT+1

Yerp, .35 is ole news, the HUD is different and the devs have (quickly) brought newer renditions to the table. If it weren't for 3DGE 2.0 & DDF, this would have NEVER been an 3DGE mod. GZDOOM would have been my go-to, since it's been my main sourceport for 5 years. My computer can't handle higher versions of Open GL, so it makes it harder to build a more awesome-scale of a project with portals and the like. Thanks so much PFL, I got you on those releases, so long as you help me round out shitty gameplay elements :)

PFL writes:(new) 22.03.2015, 02:54 GMT+1

Cool. Gameplay is often about tastes so it's worth what it is too.

Larryrhync writes:(new) 20.03.2017, 01:32 GMT+1

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