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Community Chest 2 :: Map21 :: Sodding Death
by chopkinsca
new comments Doom 2, single player
in progress, Limit removing
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Not much is complete thus far, but it is getting there. I wanted to try doing a normal doom 2 level, not a super fancy ZDoom map. It is some sort of grass dungeon... because I love grass.
As of now it is quite bare. (June 2nd) ... still. July 7th, still bare... New screenshots are of 'beta' areas. blah blah blah.

As I am on the Community Chest 2 team, this map is going to be for that very purpose.

Sectors - 946
Sidedefs - 20264
Things - 19
Pilgrams and nachoes - 0

sorry, I have mental issues.

Jow writes:(new) 03.04.2004, 21:54 GMT+1

Make some height changes to the mud/dirt, then it'll look better.

EarthQuake writes:(new) 04.04.2004, 06:38 GMT+1

I love what you are doing with it, but I got rather discouraged to find out this was a single player map. Anyways, like all your projects, it looks great!

NiGHTMARE writes:(new) 04.04.2004, 13:47 GMT+1

Looking good :)

BTW isn't it about time you changed the status of your first wad on WIP to 'released'? ;)

EarthQuake writes:(new) 26.04.2004, 15:19 GMT+1

How is this wad moving? I'm curious as to how it looks of now.
Sceenshotage? :)

chopkinsca writes:(new) 28.04.2004, 20:51 GMT+1

I haven't done anything with it for a while. Actually, I didn't do any doom mapping for a short time. And now I manage to do a little bit, but I can't stay with it very long.

Nmn writes:(new) 22.05.2004, 17:14 GMT+1

Oh my... what an unusual texture combination. Feels like Your in a forest actually. I like it very much.
I encourage You to NOT change the sky-brown sky and green sorrounding, yes, certainly an atmospheric theme. Looking forward.

boris writes:(new) 22.05.2004, 17:21 GMT+1

Yeah, the texturing of the new shot is pretty nice. Some of the textures on the upper beams look unaligned though, make sure to fix that (if they are actually unaligned, it's somewhat hard to tell).

chopkinsca writes:(new) 22.05.2004, 18:17 GMT+1

yeah, I haven't done much with texture alignment yet. But it will be done sometime between now and release.

dethtoll writes:(new) 22.05.2004, 23:24 GMT+1

i like the looks of this. especially shot 3.

EarthQuake writes:(new) 04.06.2004, 19:05 GMT+1

I'm lovin' it.
Are you?

chopkinsca writes:(new) 05.06.2004, 03:50 GMT+1

Me lovin' it?
It is something of my own doing, and since I hate everything I do, I hate this too. But I do it anyway.

DarkSoul writes:(new) 05.06.2004, 19:40 GMT+1

This looks great! Can't wait to play it when CC2 comes out.

EarthQuake writes:(new) 05.06.2004, 23:51 GMT+1

Actually that was just a McDonalds slogan.
Anyways, why do you hate everything you make? Certainly your creations are not bad! In fact, every single one of your wads is in my favorites list :P

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