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The Dungeons
by Deadshot
new comments Doom 2, single player
in progress, ZDoom
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This is one of my first wads, it is pretty hard if your difficulty is high. It is not too long, but not too short.

PFL writes:(new) 28.10.2014, 01:14 GMT+1

Please provide us a working link :)

Deadshot writes:(new) 28.10.2014, 11:48 GMT+1


Deadshot writes:(new) 28.10.2014, 11:52 GMT+1

do this www.sharebook.ca/1587623_THEDUNGEONSWAD/dungeons.wad

Deadshot writes:(new) 28.10.2014, 11:53 GMT+1
edited 28.10.2014, 11:54 GMT+1

without the www.wadsinprogress.info in front of it, just that link by itself

PFL writes:(new) 29.10.2014, 05:32 GMT+1

Ok for the link, I had not figure this mess out. Now, this 22.5 kb file doesn't have any new level !

Deadshot writes:(new) 29.10.2014, 21:38 GMT+1

you have to type in the console: map dungeons

PFL writes:(new) 30.10.2014, 01:00 GMT+1
edited 30.10.2014, 01:02 GMT+1


What's impressive: that you were capable of hiding a map only accessible through the ccmds.

What's less: everything else; the bad link, the lack of info on how to reach the map, your description about it being "pretty hard" and the map itself. It took me 30 seconds to complete on UV. Maybe 40 on Nightmare. This is also the weakest map I have seen since ... since.

So, if these two(2) projects you gave us recently were from a serious "gait", I would advise a step back and a reconsideration on your actual presence at this precise moment; something's wrong. Let it go and get back to us in one piece.

Otherwise, the joke is good.

Deadshot writes:(new) 30.10.2014, 23:26 GMT+1
edited 30.10.2014, 23:27 GMT+1

thank you for your opinion

PFL writes:(new) 01.11.2014, 03:42 GMT+1

Hey, sorry for my unnecessary rudeness.

Usagi1 writes:(new) 01.11.2014, 09:25 GMT+1
edited 01.11.2014, 09:25 GMT+1

For a first time making a wad you did good. Only thing you should've brushed up on is the texture clipping and sector size/angles so the textures won't look odd. Other than that like I said before for a first time you did good. Make another one and i'll gladly play it. :3

Deadshot writes:(new) 01.11.2014, 15:36 GMT+1

thank you both for giving me opinions, better than having no one tell you about what you should do to fix your map

PFL writes:(new) 03.11.2014, 04:13 GMT+1

Yes, I'll play it too. A great map takes time. Imagine the map, the rooms and the mood. Imagine the gameplay and your monster placement. The polishing and it's look is the last important thing of all. MAP11:Hunted from Plutonia is a perfect example of all this.

Deadshot writes:(new) 07.11.2014, 01:22 GMT+1

ok so guys, whoever is viewing this, I know it may seem like I am advertising but you can also upload your doom wads to the website I use: www.thewadbay.com

Its pretty good and it would be nice to see more people upload wads on it. But if you spam the guys are pretty strict so you would be ip banned from that.

PFL writes:(new) 07.11.2014, 02:53 GMT+1

Is this site yours ?

Deadshot writes:(new) 07.11.2014, 12:34 GMT+1

no it is not, I am on of the helpers on it though

Usagi1 writes:(new) 08.11.2014, 12:19 GMT+1

Wait so that site is pretty active?

Deadshot writes:(new) 08.11.2014, 13:51 GMT+1

it had lots of wads before they got deleted because the wads were not following the guidelines. Now most people left, so the creators want it popularized again so they could add a discussion center on it too

Usagi1 writes:(new) 10.11.2014, 00:39 GMT+1

Well um... I will definitely join then kind sir. :3

Deadshot writes:(new) 10.11.2014, 23:22 GMT+1

thank you usagi1

DoomLover234 writes:(new) 23.12.2014, 20:45 GMT+1

It's kinda OK, at least it's better than my first map (a sector, an exit button and a former sergeant).

Pros: Well, challenging if you are bad at Doom (like me)
Great first map
Nice monster/items placement

Sharp sectors

Still it is 9/10 considering it's your first map ever

KelWratrifs writes:(new) 17.06.2017, 15:41 GMT+1

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