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by Maukali
new comments Doom 2, single player
in progress, ZDoom
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Another WIP. The name is even a WIP. This is what you get when you combine Drum and Bass music, Doombuilder 2, my creativity, and a couple cans of Monster Energy, basically.

Maukali writes:(new) 12.08.2014, 19:25 GMT+1

Screenshot notes:
SC1: The outside of the base.
SC2: A conjuction of doors and stuff, leading to three different corridors and rooms.
SC3: The first room you get when you walk in.

PFL writes:(new) 14.08.2014, 05:10 GMT+1

Good diet, great pictures. Will this one target a complete state ? I kinda want to get in your map for a better feel ...

Maukali writes:(new) 14.08.2014, 16:57 GMT+1

Unfortunatly, I'm having very large computer problems, so It probably won't be done, but If i get it fixed, i'll be able to salvage it and complete it.

Maukali writes:(new) 17.08.2014, 01:31 GMT+1

It's able to be salvaged. Completing now.

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