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Das Helt
by EliteDoomer
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Hello and Welcome!

I'm EliteDoomer.

My demands;
Play using Brutal Doom on Zandrodum in Ultra Violence.
Turn off the music.
Press 1 at the beginning and pretend that you don't have a rifle.
Don't have your volume set too high.

Good luck have fun.

Changed download to solidfiles.com
Some few changes to MAP01 (not yet balanced)
MAP02 Started
Attempted to balance MAP01.
MAP02 progressing.
MAP02 "finished".
MAP03 Almost finished.
MAP04 Started.
Changes to lighting and final touches through-out campaign.
Map 04 finished.
Map 05 started.

PFL writes:(new) 14.12.2013, 03:38 GMT+1
edited 05.01.2014, 04:55 GMT+1

My demands;
Play using Brutal Doom on Ultra Violence.

My demand; a download ?

Ok there it goes.

EliteDoomer writes:(new) 14.12.2013, 20:32 GMT+1

Sorry comrade did I set it up wrong?


EliteDoomer writes:(new) 14.12.2013, 20:37 GMT+1

Not used to 4shared, maybe this...


PFL writes:(new) 15.12.2013, 05:25 GMT+1
edited 15.12.2013, 05:30 GMT+1

Hmmmm ...

+ Nice jail.
+ Real-like gameplay of an escape with stress.

- Real-like ammo count of Scrooge.
- Almost impossible for most.

= It took me long to survive with 5 bullets from one guard to another after I realized I wouldn't have much ammo and health. It could be easier on my second run but I'll pass that; too tight for my kind of fun. This felt computerized-count survival.

I landed onto level 2 with no ammo (tried to blast some on the Baron) and very LOW health. Guess what ? Got killed immediately after I heard the first scream.

More balance will be required if you want any friends :)

Saican writes:(new) 20.12.2013, 00:42 GMT+1

Uh, no. I will not download on a file hosting site that requires a login to download a file under 300kb. No. Not happening. Sorry.

PFL writes:(new) 20.12.2013, 02:25 GMT+1

:) I've had the same thinking ...

Still here ?

EliteDoomer writes:(new) 20.12.2013, 23:00 GMT+1

Hello comrades,

Sorry, I didn't realize it was set up inconveniently.

Can you please suggest a site?

Also, I forgot to say that this mod is for Brutal Doom when used with Zandrodum.

I've decided to set up different difficulties as I can see how this could be too intense for some.

I can get through the map if I get a ton of head-shots but I practice on this a lot so I will tone it down.

I'm on vacation away from my primary computer for 2 weeks. When I return I will repost.

Thanks for the feedback.

Saican writes:(new) 21.12.2013, 19:40 GMT+1


You talking to me? Lol, I swing through once in a while to see whats new. I can't let the new faces in the community get off easy without the thorough thrashing of a Saicannasha critique, now can I? :P

Also, you might recommend a decent file host to Elite. I don't know any. I got spoiled by the DRD file space.

Anyway, Merry Christmas to you all. And Happy Holidays if Christmas isn't your thing.

PFL writes:(new) 22.12.2013, 01:52 GMT+1

This is one I use, comrade: http://www.solidfiles.com/

This is Neverland and the show must go on. I knew you would come back in a way or another. 'think we have the same disease; the can't get rid of ... .

Cannot not appreciate Christmas here as a father of 5. 5!. Can't get rid of ...

Happy everything to all and I wish you try Pirates, if it isn't done yet; the best in a long time.

DoomLover234 writes:(new) 02.02.2014, 15:45 GMT+1

This looks great.

PFL writes:(new) 03.02.2014, 15:23 GMT+1

I'll give it another try when you uoload a demo with map 1&2 done.

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