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Insane Doom
by Damianichabod
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Insane Doom is an Insane Gzdoom 33 map megawad that is insanely hard, with thousands of enemies per level in the later maps, dozens per room early on, hundreds later on, tons of boss monsters, new weapons and enemies, new textures, skyboxes, new music (metal themed doom remakes), and rediculously hard fights.... Not for the beginners who play easy wads.... May slow down to a crawl on some machines...

Requires Gzdoom to play. Zdoom won't work due to no skybox support... It's a BIG download, but if you like really insane Slaughtermaps like Sunder, it will be worth the download for you. If you don't, then skip it... It was made in an attempt to make the hardest doom 2 megawad ever....


my youtube channel has videos of this and my other addons:


PFL writes:(new) 18.09.2013, 13:13 GMT+1
edited 18.09.2013, 13:15 GMT+1

Yo, Damianichabod. These 3 Megawads posts at once are quite unusual for this small WIP spot. None the less, I happen to have some free time to try them but you will need to let us take delivery of your files through a better system than one that requires a pass/registration. What about a dropfiles or something ...

Edit. ... any easy share spot yet ?

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