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by Damianichabod
new comments Doom 2, single player
released, ZDoom
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Agony is an older megawad by me, designed to be played in Zdoom or Gzdoom. It contains 33 tribute maps to older megawads I liked, done in an insane HR style gsmeplay with hundreds of enemies per room. It includes textures and music from these megawads as well as new enemy types taken from Strain and Beyond Doom and recreated in Decorate. It is quite hard, although it starts very easy in maps 1 and 2. To play, extract all files to your doom 2 folder, and run the included agony.bat, if you have gzdoom run agonygz.bat instead


You may find map06, map10, map11, map18, map20, map22, map28, map29, and map32 excessively difficult. To the point of unfairness. Don't expect an easy ride outside these maps and in these maps, expect brutal difficulty.

This is a new version of the wad that has several major bugs fixed...

there are videos of this wad and my other wads on this youtube channel of mine:


PFL writes:(new) 18.09.2013, 13:11 GMT+1
edited 18.09.2013, 13:12 GMT+1

So far so good (map 5). I like the skill levels very much though I am not sure if I'll be strong enough for the h8tred challenge; 7 (or so) Archviles at pistol start might be rough :)I'll be back.

Damianichabod writes:(new) 18.09.2013, 23:30 GMT+1

H8red is an impossible difficulty. Even I can't beat it..... Things will get WAY harder around map10-11 though. So if you play on anything harder than medium you will find them harder than hell revealed. Don't play map32-33 they are so hard they make sunder look easy. Thanks for the comment. I had fun designing these levels.

Damianichabod writes:(new) 18.09.2013, 23:37 GMT+1

And A Hint for level 10. You see red arrows. DONT walk into them... DONT grab the BFG. White arrows will appear all over the map if you flip the switch in the first room. If you see a white arrow, make sure to follow it not any other path... It makes that level much easier....

PFL writes:(new) 20.09.2013, 11:59 GMT+1

On level 9. Still managing quite well on UV. I notice a repetitive design pattern: the crowded opening side corners. These level 10 arrows are quite intriguing ...

PFL writes:(new) 31.03.2015, 12:16 GMT+1

I will be back on this one in a little while; I have a Megawad to check first.

Damianichabod writes:(new) 01.04.2015, 04:35 GMT+1
edited 01.04.2015, 04:47 GMT+1

Good.... Just don't expect an easy ride past map11, and even more so past map19.

PFL writes:(new) 03.04.2015, 06:54 GMT+1

Just went through it again. It's a big piece of work and there are some nice textures in it. I like the idea of the Super CyberDemon for the Mastermind replacement but it's pain zone is limited in consideration with it's size.

I don't like to say negative things but I can't seem to really appreciate the Megawad; it's uneaven, very very very repetitive, with corridors full of and side corners opening with even more badies. There are lots of "hidden" homs and tons of weird floors/stairs builds.

To help with the repetitiveness, after a while, I played it with a AEOD monsters replacement to actually put some variety in it; then it was more fun, waiting for the more dangerous CyberDemon replacement, such as the King Lich. But it lags a bit on map 33 :)

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