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An Affinity for Pain
by Tolwyn
new comments Doom 2, single player
released, Limit removing
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Moving away from the base theme to challenge myself in a more brick/stone and "hellish" theme. A.A.F.P. stands to be stand-alone map, but the lump id will be Map02 in the event I ever compile the last work with this work (and try to intertwine them with a witty story).

I'm about 50% finished with this at the time of submission. It's about 300 sectors and 4800 sidedefs. Need to touch up some lighting, architecture, and figure out where I'm going with the whole Blue/Yellow key mess.

Then it's fine-tuning monster placement, trap design, and most importantly ammo/health balance.

Let me know what you think!

Lutrov71 writes:(new) 25.03.2004, 21:29 GMT+1

Sweet! This is looking awesome! Great detail and use of textures. Keep it up!

Jow writes:(new) 26.03.2004, 13:59 GMT+1

Nice details and stuff. Looks cool.

MasterOfPuppets writes:(new) 27.03.2004, 06:10 GMT+1

wow, looks awesome! great work.

Searcher writes:(new) 28.03.2004, 04:53 GMT+1

Beautiful, Looking forward to this one. Nice detail, I'm sure gamplay and music will match.

Tolwyn writes:(new) 28.03.2004, 23:47 GMT+1

Don't hold your breath on the music part.
My studio will be packed up for another 2 months while my house is being finished.

Nmn writes:(new) 30.03.2004, 14:51 GMT+1

"Don't hold your breath on the music part.
My studio will be packed up for another 2 months while my house is being finished."

Damn. And I like Your music so much Dave, more than Your maps, but keep mapping like that and It'll be vice-versa :-)

Tolwyn writes:(new) 22.06.2004, 20:28 GMT+1

Just an update.
I got sidetracked beta testing some other software and should be back working on this sometime soon.

Dittohead writes:(new) 25.06.2004, 01:17 GMT+1


Awesome job.

Tolwyn writes:(new) 18.08.2004, 01:37 GMT+1

In testing. Almost finished. Should be released in a week.

Jive writes:(new) 03.09.2004, 07:34 GMT+1
edited 03.09.2004, 08:40 GMT+1

Me downloading it right now (I'm a seeker of masterpieces!!!) Thank you a lot for this fantastic gift!
I'm disappointed a little because I thought of finding lightings dynamic with the ceiling, but I should have thought that the screenshots showed an effect made possible by Jdoom, and not implemented in Map.... This disappointment is relative, of course, and it does not remain about it less than this Map is extremely well built and shows the capacity of Tolwyn to give us the measurement of his talent!!! Idem for the skies: where are they?!? (I mean: the ones on your screenshots). I would have been pleased to see them patched within the pwad, but I guess that it's also a Jdoom's feature.

Tolwyn writes:(new) 21.09.2004, 19:43 GMT+1

Hi, Jive.
Yes. It's a JDoom feature, but other ports can use Skyboxes as well. I use the jDEP - (JDoom Environment Pack). It's very well organized, one PK3 file that goes in a specific folder. Adds skyboxes to ALL Doom levels (with support for Final Doom and Ultimate Doom).

You should be able to find more information about it on the Doomsday forums at http://www.newdoom.com or Doomsday HQ at http://www.doomsdayhq.com.

I support the work of all Doom Ports, I just choose to use JDoom specifically. Just a personal preference.

Jive writes:(new) 28.12.2004, 11:58 GMT+1

Now, I'm more comfortable with FraggleScript, the language created by Fraggle for Doom Legacy, and I can affirm that such a feature (the skies) can be implemented for Legacy without using Jdoom, which is for now, with the version 1.42, unavailable. I guess that the C++ version will be able to handle it.
So, with Legacy, you could have different skies, depending of the area, and no more of the entire map. Same thing with lightings. But... This would make it Legacy specific, which was not intended. Can you consider to offer us a version Legacy specific, or to ask to... somebody... to do it, if you are not comfortable with Legacy's features? I'm not sure that it's a good idea, but I have a lot of such a strange idea...
Anyway, like for your other works, this one is very well done, even without amazing features allowed by enhanced ports like Jdoom or Legacy. Thank you for it!

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