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Zephyr Demo
by Pumpkinsmasher
new comments Doom 2, single player
released, Legacy
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These are some screenshots from my upcoming Zephyr Megawad.

Jonathan writes:(new) 27.12.2003, 21:14 GMT+1

This doesn't look so great to me. Architecture looks pretty plain and ugly, and is that two spiderdemons and a cyberdemon I see in the first screenshot?

Agent Spork writes:(new) 28.12.2003, 00:18 GMT+1

Hmm.. Yeah.. I'd say that 2 spiderdemons and a cyberdemon should not be in one room together. The screenshots are also too compressed to be viewable, too.

Nmn writes:(new) 28.12.2003, 00:33 GMT+1

I have to agree with those guys. The architecture is too dull and plain. Head to the Zephyr homepage and view some screenshots to know what I mean. Detail them more, huh Smasher? Cybie and spider can be in one room (Gotcha anyone?) may be interesting.

deathbringer writes:(new) 29.12.2003, 01:03 GMT+1

The arhchitecture is bland and uninspiring, sometimes it looks like wolfenstien, other times there are some attempts at detailing (an archway in one level is quite good). They have also used tons of 3D floors in some areas in the mistaken beleif that this will somehow get players to ignore the awful level design and go "ooh, advanced effects!!!1", the spectres are, for some reason, not as strong as the demons (bad dehacked work), the 'stealth knights' are annoying, if anything they should be weaker than hellknights, not stronger, also if you die the later levels are impossible from a pistol start

NoPoet writes:(new) 03.01.2004, 19:02 GMT+1

I hate to demoralise a Doom mapper, but I've played your demo and the levels were downright dull, both to play and especially to look at. I would recommend playing megawads like AV and Requiem to get some inspiration for architecture and layout. Your new monsters are good if uninspired - the Blood Imp is a challenging adversary, but to look at it's just a red Imp. You obviously have a good deal of talent but I would advise you to concentrate on honing your skills by working on one or two impressive levels instead of loads of so-so ones.

Pumpkinsmasher writes:(new) 05.01.2004, 04:23 GMT+1

Well I would like to say that I've been reworking most of the maps. The demo was a real early version. I released it just to put something out for Doomsday. But thanks to some of you who gave me actual feedback. I will take that seriously while editing the WAD.

Nmn writes:(new) 05.01.2004, 18:32 GMT+1

Pumpkin Smasher: I believe in You! You can be a really good mapper if You treat mapping so seriously (and me too! That's why I didn't post anything, my work is crap :( You can become a really good mapper. Revamp those maps, yeah! A bit detail here, some adjustments there and You got Yourself real pearls! Take Care

NoPoet writes:(new) 14.01.2004, 03:23 GMT+1

Nmn said it: keep building those wads! Like I said, your work showed potential. I cannot help but respect a map maker who takes a large project on himself, even though in your case I would seriously concentrate on building fewer, higher quality maps. Show us what you can do!

ellmo writes:(new) 21.04.2004, 21:01 GMT+1

I thought you won't be willing to get back to this junkload after what you've shown in later maps. Does it make any sense?

EarthQuake writes:(new) 22.04.2004, 00:05 GMT+1

Nope :P

Nmn writes:(new) 22.04.2004, 00:12 GMT+1

Agree with Ellmo. Smasher was supposed to revamp those maps. And I see the same old screenshots. No sense, at all? Meh..

Pumpkinsmasher writes:(new) 23.04.2004, 22:20 GMT+1

Well I've scrapped pretty much all the maps i've already made. I'm currently working on two maps for the project. Maybe i'll get some new screenshots up. The demo has been released, and the new version doesn't resemble the old version as it is much darker. I'll make a new page when i get further along since these were all part of the demo i released in December.

Claire writes:(new) 26.11.2005, 23:03 GMT+1

I think the screen shots look ok.
Its not like we are all making Final DOOM of somthing.
You should see my maps when they get up lol!

clicker178 writes:(new) 03.12.2008, 02:01 GMT+1

Where can i download this?

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