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Norkelton megawad
by Norkelton
new comments Doom 2, single player
in progress, Legacy
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A mini mega wad im working on for leagcy with fraggle script, 3d floors, and 3d lighting

Run with leagcy in gl mode

Mancubus II writes:(new) 06.03.2004, 00:23 GMT+1

May I ask why you call it "mini" ?

The atmosphere seems to be pretty decent, but I don't know much of that is attributed to the GL lighting. :P

MasterOfPuppets writes:(new) 06.03.2004, 02:56 GMT+1

man, that is just beautiful. the lights in screen 2 look like they end abruptly, but i dunno if there is anything you can do to help that (i'm not a Legacy mapper..yet). still, it looks great!

Norkelton writes:(new) 06.03.2004, 04:20 GMT+1

Its a mini mega wad because it is going to be 15-20 maps instead of the 30
you can try the 2 map demo here


tell me if you like it and if you find bugs

ace writes:(new) 07.08.2004, 06:13 GMT+1

I just checked it out; very cool. Could use more detail, even though some parts are very well done, some parts aren't as cool. Also loved the use of FraggleScript. And with the OpenGL lighting I'm sure you can make it so it doesn't get cut off so abruptly. I've seen it in other wads, so it is worth trying.

Charlemagne writes:(new) 30.07.2006, 17:14 GMT+1

Holy hell! Its beutiful! I might try this when you release it!

Nmn writes:(new) 31.07.2006, 09:07 GMT+1

@Charlemagne(again)-noticed how old it is? It hasn't been updated for over 2 years. It is very likely (sadly) cancelled. Please comment on newer wads that are updated.

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