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by Hurleybird
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BattleCruiser will be my first WAD when it is finished. It is being written with Jdoom in mind and will require Jdoom to play. It is a single player WAD, but will also be designed with co-op strongly in mind. I'm going to steer around using keys of any sort, instead I will use switches and events to advance through the level. I will try to make the level as non-linear as possible.

The entire level will take place upon a very large ship, which has been taken over by the forces of hell. You must disable it before it reaches earth.

Planned features include zones with differing levels of gravity (such as fighting on the ships hull), as well as ambient sounds which will be applied to different sectors. New graphics are also planned (such as a high-res skybox with spacey graphics. The WAD will feature what will hopefully be some very cool XG scripting.

Lutrov71 writes:(new) 05.03.2004, 08:33 GMT+1

Screenshot two of this map looks very complex and, I hate to say this, pretty ugly. The door in screenshot one is too long and there are too many overused textures on all the screenshots.

chopkinsca writes:(new) 05.03.2004, 10:06 GMT+1

blah, I have no idea what I am looking at, then again, i never have any idea what I am looking at.
Keep this in mind, areas with the same ceiling/floor/wall textures are boring.
I forget where I am? isn't this planet doom?

Hurleybird writes:(new) 05.03.2004, 19:19 GMT+1

thanks for the advice. I've only been mapping in doom for something like three days now, so im a bit new to this. Thus, I can use all the advice i can get. I'm actually planning on replacing the textures with differen high-res ones. I was thinking that a military kind of spaceship would probably be designed with most parts looking similar, thus the re-used textures. I'll try to fit some different textures in while still making it look somewhat like the same area.

Chris Hansen writes:(new) 05.03.2004, 20:27 GMT+1

A new member to the community is always welcome. One that wants to design levels is very welcome! I like the idea, and it's good classic kinda story you've got there. I must praise you for the texture scheme which is actually consistent and NOT ugly as was said earlier. The only problem here is the big and bare surfaces. That is always a risky business. It can be done, but it will inevitably turn out a bit oldschool. The biggest problem here in conjuction with the big surfaces are the unaligned textures. And do also keep in mind that it is a good idea to follow the floor/ceiling heights correspondant to the texture you are using. For instance: In the first screenshot you use a cement texture but since the ceiling height is heigher than 128 units, this texture looks... well, not so good. Either use 128 or 256, especially here in the beginning of your "career"! ;)

Hurleybird writes:(new) 05.03.2004, 20:49 GMT+1

Tank you c-cooper! I see what you mean about screen 2. I fixed that by making a new sector along the edge of the wall which made the wall 128 units long, then realigned the texture so that it was in place. Thank you very much for the advice!

Chris Hansen writes:(new) 05.03.2004, 22:06 GMT+1

Hey, no problemo, always glad to help! Good luck with the level.

gourhaus writes:(new) 17.12.2006, 09:33 GMT+1

this aint never gettin released is it?

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