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DRD - e1m2 - the Filter
by ellmo
new comments Doom, single player
in progress, ZDoom
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Curunir writes:(new) 29.02.2004, 16:01 GMT+1

And thus the new Darkening was born O_O
I believe Ellmo is becoming one of the most proficient and masterful Doom mappers. Enough said.

Epyo writes:(new) 29.02.2004, 19:00 GMT+1

Is that a 3d bridge? I love 3d bridges! Looks good sir.

Nmn writes:(new) 29.02.2004, 20:28 GMT+1

Looks AWESOME. Really like a Quake 2, 1 Hybrid + something unique.
/ offtopic
I got a question-maybe I could help You with this project? Beta testing, mapping, MINOR-graphics are my advantages (soon be modelling-in 1-2 years ;-) Reply or mail me at Sonybono@os.pl if You want me to join the team (Będę zaszczycony :-)

ellmo writes:(new) 29.02.2004, 20:33 GMT+1

Epyo, this is something like a 3d bridge, but in this case you don't use it. These are cables used just for detail.
Nmn, I'll contact you about this ;)

Jow writes:(new) 29.02.2004, 22:12 GMT+1

Wow! Looks fun!

Ixnatifual writes:(new) 02.03.2004, 18:07 GMT+1

I don't like the blue lights and the door in shot 2, but the rest looks really great. I particularly like the ceiling lamps in shot 1.

Lutrov71 writes:(new) 05.03.2004, 11:24 GMT+1

This is looking awesome! Screenshot 3 looks very much like Quake.

ellmo writes:(new) 07.03.2004, 17:53 GMT+1


Any repiels before this note are about map already done.

Nmn writes:(new) 30.08.2004, 00:38 GMT+1

Yes my friends, we are back with vengeance.
Tough many of You can cry :)

DarkSoul writes:(new) 30.08.2004, 00:47 GMT+1

Looks awesome. In shot three you should use the transfer ceiling brightness thingy on those nukeage pits or whatever.

Nmn writes:(new) 26.11.2004, 19:14 GMT+1
edited 03.03.2005, 22:36 GMT+1

joe2 writes:(new) 08.01.2005, 04:41 GMT+1

so this wad is still in progress right

when will this be out

Nmn writes:(new) 08.01.2005, 16:03 GMT+1

Joe2- the answer for that is hidden in the mysts..

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