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Demon's Revenge
by DooMBoy
Doom 2, single player
in progress, Limit removing
screenshot #1screenshot #2screenshot #3


A gothic map, replacing Doom2's map24. I figured I had done one too many tech maps, so I figured what the hey, a gothic map oughta be nice :)

boris writes:13.02.2004, 22:54 GMT+1

Shot 1 and 2 look pretty nice, shot 3 doesn't look too special though. Maybe you should add some ceiling detail to the last two.

ellmo writes:13.02.2004, 23:20 GMT+1

Hey, hey, hey. New wad on WIP. Looks pretty good. But boris is right. The third shot is a bit too bare.

Chris Hansen writes:14.02.2004, 00:50 GMT+1

Marble textures and flats are great and among the most commonly used, only beware of the fact that they are too easy to overuse! That's why there's such big difference between #1 and #3, with the first being absolutely great with the supplement of wood. Good stuff overall.

NiGHTMARE writes:14.02.2004, 02:45 GMT+1

Hold on, the sides of that thing in shot #2 are metal, yet the top is wood... OMG that unpossible!!!111

DooMBoy writes:14.02.2004, 07:22 GMT+1

Nightmare: That metal stuff on the raised wooden platform in shot #2 is actually woodmet1, besides I happen to like it, though I may change it :)

chopkinsca writes:14.02.2004, 07:55 GMT+1

dude, you can have a metal band that wraps around a wooden object to reinforce it, dude.

shot 3 reminds me of what I went to do in my map, but a secret area got in the way of me stretching the linedefs outwards.

NiGHTMARE writes:14.02.2004, 20:25 GMT+1

But you can't have a metal band with a width of precisely 0 now, can you?

Converted Doomer writes:19.02.2004, 21:07 GMT+1

Sure you can, look at that screenshot.

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