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Point of No Return
by Job
new comments Doom 2, single player
released, ZDoom
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This one-level wad will come complete with it's own musical score as well as the PSX Doom sounds imported in. It sports fog and colored lighting as well as several other ZDoom exclusive features. Essentially, this wad is meant to be saturated with atmosphere and to bring you back to the days of Final Doom and Doom for the Playstation with the style, structure and atmospheric immersement. Hopefully, this wad will be completed within the week.
*Well, I was hoping to release the wad for this week's /newstuff reviews, but I couldn't get it done quite in time to my satisfaction, so unfortunately, it's not coming out until next week's*

chubz writes:(new) 04.02.2004, 10:08 GMT+1

looks great man......i like the ceiling in the second screenshot....keep up the good work!!!

Ixnatifual writes:(new) 04.02.2004, 16:53 GMT+1

Gotta love that ceiling. Screen 3 is also pretty cool. It might look even better if you removed the light from the walls on the inside of the window, where the light wouldn't hit.

MasterOfPuppets writes:(new) 05.02.2004, 02:45 GMT+1

nice looking. esp. screen 2. it might be better to use the 'transfer floor brightness' thing in screen 3

Job writes:(new) 14.02.2004, 03:44 GMT+1

Well, it's done. It should be in this week's /newstuff. The wad's come a long way and I'm pretty excited about the release.

DooMBoy writes:(new) 14.02.2004, 05:19 GMT+1

Looking good, I've played this level multiple times over its development and it has gotten better every time. :)

CodeImp writes:(new) 16.02.2004, 00:49 GMT+1

played it and i liked it!

Job writes:(new) 16.04.2004, 22:13 GMT+1

Oh, it's done now, by the way. For like 3 months.

bonez writes:(new) 02.05.2009, 23:55 GMT+1

Where is the link/

Dutch Devil writes:(new) 03.05.2009, 09:25 GMT+1


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