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Lost and Dark
by chubz
new comments Doom 2, single player
released, Doomsday
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it wasnt going as good as planned, and after that first cool looking hallway with the lights, i ran out of ideas for cool stuff, so i am now working on a new project, "Deadly Traps".

ellmo writes:(new) 02.02.2004, 23:17 GMT+1

I like the idea. But those screenshots look really "dark". Should you choose other ones - more informative - I can tell you my thoughts.

chubz writes:(new) 03.02.2004, 00:23 GMT+1

ok, thanx. That is how it pretty much looks...it is supposed to be very dark and full of surprises. :P (and the screens arent that good because those are just the first sectors of the level)

Thx for giving your suggestions anyways man, i appreciate it....i might make some areas of the map lighter also just to make it vary more instead of the same looking thing throughout the map.

chubz writes:(new) 04.02.2004, 22:59 GMT+1

UPDATE: I just noticed that you cannot update your screenshots.....so you can have a look at those, and even MORE! For more screenshots, visit the WADs main website, http://www.lostanddarkwad.cjb.net

This is already in the DESCRIPTION section, i was just gonna add it as a comment so you guys could notice it better :P

Yes, i am still working on it, but progress is pretty slow, as my PC time keeps stopping to a halt during busy schoolwork days and days when im out doing other things. But keep checking the website for fresh screenies!!!!

Nmn writes:(new) 16.02.2004, 23:10 GMT+1

That's sad.

Lutrov71 writes:(new) 29.02.2004, 10:15 GMT+1

Wouldn't this work on Legacy as well?

VivaDeath writes:(new) 24.02.2005, 17:39 GMT+1

where can i find this, the link above is broken?

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