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The Cledal Facility
by MegaZzZeux
Doom 2, single player
in progress, doom(2).exe
screenshot #1screenshot #2screenshot #3



EarthQuake writes:29.01.2004, 06:31 GMT+1

Looks good, but you should try a little harder on the texture alignments, especially where those lights are in #2.

SargeBaldy writes:29.01.2004, 07:45 GMT+1

Looks pretty good to me.

ellmo writes:29.01.2004, 19:26 GMT+1

Looks standard, but very solid. The texture misalignment in shot 2# is not a big mistake, but you would do better to avoid any. Nice job.

MegaZzZeux writes:30.01.2004, 04:41 GMT+1

Yeah. the one in #2 is one of the FEW miss-alignments I have noticed. it has now been fixed.

Lutrov71 writes:05.03.2004, 11:23 GMT+1

That's looking nice!

MegaZzZeux writes:09.03.2004, 03:58 GMT+1

Sorry to say, but this wad has been cancelled... hopefully temporarily.

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