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Return of the Green soul (ROTGS2)
by Lexus Alyus
new comments Doom 2, single player
in progress, ZDoom
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This will be the sequal to "Realm of the Green Soul." It will feature a few new weapons (Maybe one or two from heretic or hexen) and the new beasties... the HK's (learn to love to hate them :D). The wad is gonna continue in the dark and moody atmospheric way that the preveouse one was in, and it will also feature new music composed by myself. This will sadly be the last in the series... but the end is gonna be an epic one :).

:Latest Update:

The project is not dead and progress is going smoothly. The first section is completely finished and the central hub is about 90% finished. I am now ready to start work on the bulk of the game, which will be intresting :). Once that is done I need to work on an areana styler of level, then move onto the finalé, which will be loads of fun, I promise >:D.

I can't confirm a release date, I'll be like valve and say that it will be ready when it's done :D. Check out the two new screenies too :).

boris writes:(new) 16.01.2004, 19:26 GMT+1

Looks pretty nice. I hope only the outdoor areas will be that foggy :)

Lexus Alyus writes:(new) 16.01.2004, 19:48 GMT+1

Yes, the fogs only for large outdoor areas. There are gonna be about 8 levels and the maps are going to operate as an hub. I'm also gonna bring in parts of ROTGS to create the feeling of 'I've been here before' for fans of ROTGS :-).

BlackFish writes:(new) 17.01.2004, 05:49 GMT+1

FUCKING HELL YES!!!!!!!!!!111

I enjoyed the first one. This will be cool!

deathz0r writes:(new) 17.01.2004, 05:56 GMT+1

That is the best half-assed chaingun replacement I've ever seen. I hope this one is a lot better than the original, those stealth imps were a major pain in the ass.

Virgil writes:(new) 17.01.2004, 07:54 GMT+1

I'm definitely playing this one. :D I still remember ROTGS1 and its music/story. It's one of the things that inspired me to make Claustrophobia. If it means loss of quality, don't rush it. I want to see a wad that rivals Resident Evil's atmosphere.

NiGHTMARE writes:(new) 17.01.2004, 16:50 GMT+1


Silent Hill's atmosphere 0wnz Resident Evil's :P

Virgil writes:(new) 19.01.2004, 08:45 GMT+1


Yeah, it does. :P

Lexus Alyus writes:(new) 19.01.2004, 15:31 GMT+1

/not off-topic in an off-topic way...

Well, you obveously can see where I got the fog idea from :-D. Plus, you will see where my influences lie as regards to music :-D. I am aiming for a slightly SH atmosphere...

/now I am off-topic...

...but the Resident Evil (1) remake on the gamecube has cool atmosphere :-D. Plus, Akira Yamahoka is my superhero! :-D (I own all 3 SH soundtracks and the ROCK! :-D).

/back on topic

That chaingun actually slows down after your finished firing, but you can still fire while it's slowing down (so, you don't have to wait for it to finish revolving). I love that effect... plus it will prove invaluable in parts where I will go all stupid (aliens...?). The chaingun will have more ammo and there is no plasma gun (at present it's a railgun... havn't fount good enough graphic replacements for that one yet though... so it still looks like the plasma...).

the_heretic writes:(new) 05.02.2004, 21:27 GMT+1

As you know Lex, ROTGS was my favourite wad on zdoom. Look forward to playing this one. :)

Hirogen2 writes:(new) 13.02.2004, 12:21 GMT+1

Hmmmh the fog makes it more moody than ROTGS1 in total.

Nmn writes:(new) 27.02.2004, 18:43 GMT+1

NiGHTMARE writes: 17.01.2004
Silent Hill's atmosphere 0wnz Resident Evil's :P

No Way! Resident Evil ROKS!

Lexus Alyus writes:(new) 28.04.2004, 18:55 GMT+1

Good news... I've began work on this thing again! I've just finished a super cool crashed ship (like the trench in Unreal). The ship is going to be the first part of the game... The game startrs off very foggy, swampy and moody with basic doom monsters... In the ship is where the Terror begins... this will be a killer!

Ixnatifual writes:(new) 05.07.2004, 12:06 GMT+1

Why is there a sign post floating mid-air in shot 2?
I played an earlier version of this WAD, and it has a real scary atmosphere, which just gets more and more tense. I look forward to the rest of the WAD, if Lexus can find time to finish it between his gazillion projects =)

Nmn writes:(new) 05.07.2004, 12:58 GMT+1

I played the demo and must say that I'm really impressed by it. Great atmosphere, and nice architecture. Looking forward.

EDIT:The floating "!" is an indicator of an unknown thing. Probably something yet to be defined by Decorate.

Orbis writes:(new) 07.07.2004, 21:53 GMT+1

Maybe it's a DoomBuilder 3D start thing?

CodeImp writes:(new) 09.07.2004, 16:11 GMT+1

Doom Builder's 3D Start thing usually doesnt show in the game because standard it has 0 flags (so it doesnt appear in singleplayer, cooperative, deathmatch or in any skill mode).

Try editing the sky, make it fade to the same white (gray?) as your fog. It looks a bit odd now. Youll have to experiment a bit with how high you need to make it white (how fast the sky fades down to white).

Tormentor667 writes:(new) 10.07.2004, 19:26 GMT+1

I really like the screenshots and I love the demo :) But I would recommend a skybox instead of a skytexture. It gives much more atmospheric depth to your map and doesn't look that odd at all, because you can easily adjust the fog in the map-editor itself (much easier)

Lexus Alyus writes:(new) 16.07.2004, 15:01 GMT+1

No, that sign is actually a 3D start for DB... they always show up in game for me...

A sky box you say? I'll see what I can do... I personally think it looks okay, but then, I've gotten used to it :D.

Pika132 writes:(new) 19.07.2004, 02:11 GMT+1

OMG minigun AND railgun! Loved the spooky atmosphere of the first, and now weapon replacements...IT'S SO PERFECT!! *sob*

CoolD00d writes:(new) 03.09.2004, 21:53 GMT+1

hmm looks like you got an error on the middle pic [!] :P

Nmn writes:(new) 07.12.2004, 17:45 GMT+1

one word: UPDATE :D

Nmn writes:(new) 31.12.2004, 15:26 GMT+1

Update. Now.

Infurnus writes:(new) 18.01.2006, 13:28 GMT+1


zombiekiller81 writes:(new) 10.07.2006, 00:38 GMT+1

It's probably a lost cause I heard from tormentor that Lexus has left the Dooming world of course people leave and come back all the time.

JustBoinNa writes:(new) 24.12.2017, 09:11 GMT+1

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